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Meet the Governors

Beechwood Board of Governors


 Chair of Governors:

Jim Emmott (Co-opted Governor)

Responsibilities: Complaints,

Committees: Main Governing Body, Chair Pay Review, Chair Head teacher Appraisal, Resources


Co-opted Governors

Catherine Dobson


Committees: Main Governing Body,

Jim Emmott (Joint Vice Chair)

Responsibilities:As Above

Committees As Above

Dominic Moghal


Foundation Governors:

Katrina Farrell (Joint Vice Chair)

Responsibilities: Looked after Children, Health and safety,EYFS.Governor training, Governor Attendance.Head teacher appraisal.

Committees: Main Governing Body,Chair EYFS,Resources,Teaching & learning,Pupil support.Head teacher Appraisal,Pay review.

Tom Clarke (Joint Vice Chair)

Responsibilities:Resources, Pupil Support, EYFS, SEN, Health and Safety, Headteacher Appraisal, Safeguarding,Pay appeal, Teaching and Learning, and Pay review


Parent Governors:

Gary Bentley

Committees: Main Governing Body, Teaching & Learning

Sarah Blythe

FOBS,Parents Forum,Fundraising,Projects,Crafts,Fairs.


Local Authority Governor

Darren Metcalfe

Health and Safety, EYFS, Resources


Staff Governor:

Melissa Callaby

Responsibilities: Race Equality

Committees: Main Governing Body, Teaching & Learning


Associate Governor

Sarah Lanforth (Deputy Head Teacher)

Committees: Pupil Support

Associate Governors for (PARENTAL INVOLVEMENT)

Louise Siriwetchapan( Parental involvement Team Leader)FOBS,Parents Forum,Fairs.

Amanda Casey(Parental Involvement Team)FOBS,Parents Forum,Crafts.Projects,Fairs.


Head Teacher:

Simon Hilton is on all committee’s


Clerk to the Governing Body:

Rebecca Crabtree

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