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Who's Who

Our Staff Team
Senior Leadership Team
Mr S Hilton
Mrs S Lanforth

Miss M Callaby
Miss K Roberts

Mrs J Ilsley

Miss A Westfield


Deputy Headteacher

Assistant Headteacher
Assistant Headteacher

Phase leader - Foundation Stage

Phase leader - Years 1, 2 and 3

Phase leader - Years 4, 5 and 6

Mrs J Kanani

Mrs G Isenring
Mrs J Ilsley
Mr P Jackson
Mrs J Keirl
Miss M Callaby
Miss N Karagic
Miss A Westfield
Ms J Fojt
Mrs Sturman/Ms Aslam
Miss H McNicholas
Mrs Lanforth/Mrs Grace
Miss Zeller
Miss H Gulliver

Miss R Magill

Mrs W Brown
Mrs S Marks
Mrs S Shaw

Mrs Powley

Reception, Class 1
Reception, Class 2
Year 1, Class 3
Year 1, Class 4
Year 2, Class 5
Year 2, Class 6
Year 3, Class 7
Year 3, Class 8
Year 4, Class 9
Year 4, Class 10
Year 5, Class 11
Year 5, Class 12
Year 6, Class 13
Year 6, Class 14

PPA Cover - Foundation Stage, Year 1, 2 and 3.
Maths Intervention Teacher
Reading Intervention Teacher

Intervention Teacher

Nursery Nurses
Mrs J Rutter
Mrs J Wood


Teaching Assistants
Mr T Walton - HLTA
Ms E Wroe - HLTA
Ms K Palmer
Mrs D Griffiths
Mrs J Hall
Mrs L Meston
Mrs A Hunter
Miss T Simpson
Mrs M Durkin
Mrs K Lockwood
Mrs E Clarke
Miss M Riley
Mr R Powell
Miss A Collins
Miss M Khan

Miss S Mather

Miss M Khan
Mrs T Baldwin
Mrs C Scott Richard

Mrs J Howden

Mr S Wood

Mrs N White

Support Staff
Miss R Crabtree
Mrs N Niman

Miss C Feeney

Office Manager
Administrative Officer

Temporary Site Superintendent
Inclusion Team
Mrs K Giles
Mrs D Gaunt-Walsh
Mrs L Siriwetchaphan
Miss Hodnett

Learning Mentor / Attendance Officer
Pastoral Support Worker
Pupil Mentor

Lunchtime Supervision
Mrs A Thomas

Miss G Strong

Mrs D Shearer
Miss L Taylor
Mrs A Hawkins
Miss C Beveridge
Mrs J Cope
Mrs C Feeney


Mrs C Feeney

Mrs D Shearer
Miss G Strong
Mrs A Hawkins
Mrs M Silva
Ms J Carrington
Ms L Pedder

Miss L Saddington



Lunchtime Supervisor

Lunchtime Play Leader
Lunchtime Assistant
Lunchtime Assistant
Lunchtime Assistant
Lunchtime Assistant
Lunchtime Assistant
Lunchtime Assistant