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Arts Council

May 2023


The Arts Council discussed what they have enjoyed learning through the 'Arts' this term. 
Year 2 went on a trip to the deep and enjoyed creating a scene using a variety of materials.
Key stage 2 children have enjoyed playing and listening to the steel pans.
Year 5 has enjoyed learning and creating patterns and new fabrics. 
Drama has been used to teach children about World War 2 and it was really fun! 

The children were very excited to hear Beechwood achieved Artsmark silver and are eager to tell their classmates.

The Arts Council is keen to organise some fun 'Arts' activities during our Spirit Alive week so please let a member of the council know if you have an idea. 

We received our new 'Arts' badges this week so children can spot the council member easily and give them any feedback or ideas to help us promote the 'Arts' in school.


We had a great first meeting on the 6th of February and the children are passionate about ‘The Arts’. They think Beechwood teach ‘The Arts’  well but are keen to make improvements. We can't wait for our next meeting.