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Year 1

Biodiversity Week

This week has also been Biodiversity Week and we have spent some time in our school grounds looking at habitats and looking at things we could change for the better.

World Day Wednesday


On Wednesday 22nd November, every child in the school participated in the first-ever, ‘World Day Wednesday’. The focus for this term was ‘Wonderful Woodlands All About Trees’. This was a special day to communicate about the climate where we learned about the importance of trees for our world, both now and in the future. Throughout the day, every child had the opportunity to join a session with Shine from Artis who taught us a very special song. She wrote the song especially for World Day Wednesday and it was called, Our Earth Day Song. Mr Wilson from Premier Sports led a session with each class on the playground to teach us about the impact that being outside can have on our wellbeing. A group of musicians also did a nature-themed performance to help us think about how the environment can be reflected in music. Years 1 and 2 explored the school grounds and gardens and did different activities with their teachers.

World Day Wednesday