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Class 3

12th January


This week we introduced our new TSU, Food of Many Nations. We talked about where we live in the world and looked on a map to find England. We Talked about food from around the world and looked at packaging to identify where different fruits, vegetables and breads have come from. We also talked about food in the past.

15th December


This week we have been learning about our senses in science. We did food tasting and tasted things that were sweet and sour. We have also been learning skills in art such as colour mixing, using a variety of brushes and sketching facial features with art pencils. Next week we will be creating self-portraits. In maths, our focus has been on subtraction. Our star of the week was Jacob for doing some amazing writing.

1st December


We have had an action-packed couple of weeks in Class 3. We loved World Day Wednesday and did so many exciting activities, on an Alice in Wonderland theme, linked to taking care of the environment. 
We have continued our Who Am I topic and have been doing science-focussed work linked to our trip to Eureka. We have been finding out all about our bodies and looking at our senses. In art and computing, we have been looking at our faces and creating self-portraits.

17th November


Over the past two weeks, we have completed our final outcomes for history and for design and technology. In history, we have created a model of a Victorian school, created a Victorian school roleplay area, made a museum of toys from the past and have enjoyed playing playground games children would have played in Victorian times. In DT we designed, created and evaluated moving pictures based on our discussion about toys.

13th October

We have been learning information about Victorian schools and comparing them to schools now and when our parents were young. In Science, we went to look for signs of Autumn and we answered the question 'Which animals share our space?' We found evidence of birds, foxes and many minibeasts. Our certificate winners this week are Reuben, Millie-Anna, Kavi and Willow.

6th October

This week in English we have been reading the book The Train Ride by  June Crebbin. We have been sequencing the story, acting it out and writing about it. For our Who Am I? topic we have been interviewing members of staff including Mrs Lanforth about their experiences of school and the toys they enjoyed playing with when they were young. Our certificate winners this week were Harry, Max, Daisy, Jasper, Henry and Daniel.

29th September


We continued with our Who am I? topic this week and sent out questionnaires to find out about our parents' and grandparents' memories of primary school. We talked about how school was different in the past. Next week we will interview staff at Beechwood about their memories of school. We will also talk about how toys and games were different in the past,
We enjoyed our French Day on Friday! We learned five colours in French: bleu, jaune, rouge, gris and vert. We also did a French word hunt and played boules. Madame Powley came to read us a story in French. We enjoyed our French-themed lunch!
Our stars this week are Olivia and Reuben.

22nd September


We have continued our work on Who Am I? We have been recording our memories from Nursery and Reception in writing and through drawing and painting. We created memory postcards and a memory postcard machine inspired by the work of the artist Sonia Boyce.
In Science, we answered the question 'Are all leaves the same?' by going on a leaf hunt and collecting a range of leaves which we compared and contrasted. We used these to do rubbings and leaf printing.

15th September


In Class 3 we have started our new topic "Who Am I?" We have been discussing our families and how we have changed since we were babies. We are interested in finding out more about our memories of Nursery and Reception next week. We have been using the words 'in the past' when talking about things that happened previously. In English, we looked at signs and labels around school and labelled things we found in the garden.
We have settled into our new class really well and our stars this week are Aveya, Kavi and Jasper.