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Class 3

14th July

This week in Class 3 we enjoyed a junk music workshop with the Rome. The children listened really well and were able to create and follow simple rhythms. They enjoyed making call and response sequences of music using old paint tubs as their instruments! 


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Writer of the week - Jaxson for showing some great independence in his writing this week!
Handwriting Hero - Niamh for always paying attention to detail when writing, recognising when she would like to improve her own letter formation.
Star of the week - Aubrey for coping so positively with a lot of changes to routines this week and a transition day to Year 2!

7th July


Class 3 awards this week go to...

  • Star of the week - Emerson for concentrating and participating in his learning really well this week!
  • Mathematician of the week - Paulina for applying her knowledge and thinking really hard in response to questions.
  • Handwriting Hero - Jacob for working really hard on his letter formation.

30th June


We have been working hard on our non-fiction writing this week, applying all of our skills from our reading unit. In Maths, we have explored early division with the concept of grouping and sharing. 

Writer of the week - Darina for a positive attitude and excellent attention to detail. She has been checking her work and editing it as she goes.
Handwriting Hero - Harriett for taking great care and pride in her writing this week.
Star of the week - Noah for always listening, and following expectations and instructions.

Take a look at our wonderful homes from around the world which we made in DT!

23rd June


The children have been working hard this week using timelines in History, information texts in English and exploring equal groups in Maths.
Handwriting Hero - Emerson for trying really hard to control the size and shape of his letters. He has been taking great pride in his writing this week!
Star of the week - Poppie for sharing some amazing knowledge and ideas during a variety of lessons. She keeps blowing our socks off!
Maths - Eughan for participating really well during the whole class input, listening and responding to questions.

16th June


After working so very hard in their phonics screening test this week, we have been enjoying practical DT lessons where the children have designed and made a house from around the world. After learning the key joining skills, Paulina went home and made her very own model! We were very impressed by all the hard work she had put in. Look out for our finished house models next week.

All of the children impressed us this week with their positive attitudes and confidence when applying their phonic knowledge, so they all took home a certificate to be proud of!

26th May


Class 3 have been working hard on their TSU work this week, comparing homes in different countries with their own. We also completed a world map jigsaw whilst singing the 7 continents song to help stick this key knowledge into our heads.

We celebrated our attendance stars today - 12 children received certificates for 100% attendance this half term! We also had 4 children who have improved their attendance and punctuality this half term!

Our Class Dojo scores were also counted up to the end of the half term. We were really impressed with the number of points the children scored. 5 children dipped into the prize box for scoring the most points!

Today Class 3 were also treated to a wonderful storytelling performance at Seacroft Library. Tutti Frutti productions provided a wonderfully engaging, creative and immersive experience for the children who were hooked throughout. Thanks to Seacroft Library for providing this session for us and the parents who volunteered to accompany us on our outing.

19th May


This week Class 3 enjoyed a visit to Skipton Castle on Wednesday. The children found out all about life in the past from the tour guides, identified the use of materials in castle buildings and especially enjoyed experiencing the dungeon in the castle. All the children were fantastic on the day and asked some inquisitive questions!

In class, we have been working hard on writing stories and have begun to look at fractions in Maths.

Star of the week - Emily for having such great enthusiasm for learning.
Writer of the week - Riley for displaying so much confidence in writing a sequence of sentences.
Handwriting Hero - Aubrey for recognising her own achievements and taking pride in her writing.
Mathematician of the week - Harry for being a halving whiz!

12th May


We have been working super hard in Class 3 this week, writing our Pretty Salma stories. All the children have shown great confidence and stamina in their writing.

Handwriting Hero - Rebeka for keeping all of her writing the same size and sitting it all neatly on the line.
Writer of the week - Kimberley for showing increased confidence and independence in holding a sentence in her head for writing.
Mathematician of the week - Harriett for some fantastic confidence when working with 2-digit numbers to count, sequence and compare.
Star of the week - Nevaeh for concentrating on her learning and using her listening skills in the classroom.

We were also really impressed by the wonderful crowns some of the children had created at home to celebrate King Charle's coronation. Harriett was chosen as the winner, but all the children received prizes for their wonderful efforts.

5th May

Our certificate winners this week were:


  • Mathematician - Ellie for concentrating and participating so well in Mastering Number.
  • Writer - Harry for an amazingly positive attitude and increase in confidence.
  • Star - Paulina for being an excellent role model to her classmates.
  • Handwriting Hero - Harlow for always trying hard to make his letters a consistent size.


We have also had some more brilliant home learning this week! Kimberley made a house book, showing all the rooms inside a house. She even made her family characters move around the pages! Niamh and Nevaeh have been creative at home and made posters of different types of homes. Great work girls!

28th April


This week in Class 3 our awards winners are:

Star of the week - Oliver for bringing a really positive attitude to school with him every day!
Mathematician - Taya for really focussing on her learning this week and being eager to be successful in her tasks.
Writer - Emily for using her story knowledge to generate sentences about a character.


We also have children who have been working super hard on their phonics in Class 3!

This week we have launched our new TSU 'Homes Around the World'. The children had some fantastic ideas which will direct our learning, after exploring a range of activities introducing the topic. Aubrey and Poppie-Mai both took time at home to create some fantastic learning challenges to share with

21st April

Spring Home Learning Grid

Spring Newsletter

24th March


The children have been working super hard this week as they have written non-fiction texts about chocolate and recounted our recent visit to York. They have also tried hard to apply their knowledge of subtraction to numbers to 20. 

  • Mathematician - Bobby for showing great perseverance and feeling proud of his success when subtracting on a number line.
  • Writer - Harry for showing increased independence in recording his sentences using his phonic knowledge and finger spaces!
  • Handwriting - Oliver for always taking care of his letter formation and sitting his writing on the line.
  • Star - Eughan as he is a fantastic role model in Class 3 in following instructions and being ready to learn.

17th March


It was lovely to see so many children in Class 3 dress for joy to celebrate Comic Relief. We had some amazing donations and entries to the cake-making competition. Poppie-Mai was chosen as the winner after she had helped her Aunty create a fantastic cake. Thank you to everyone who took part, they were all delicious! Lots of children also entered the Art competition sharing pictures of 'joy' for them. Ellie was selected as this winner in Class 3 for her image showing friendship as something that brings her joy!

10th March - Snow Day Home LEarning

24th February


In Class 3 this week our awards go to:

  • Star of the week - Aubrey for showing great resilience when we've had lots of changes to our normal timetable.
  • Star of the week - Harry for trying really hard this week and sharing great ideas during PSHCE.
  • Handwriting Hero - Lilly-Mae for a super neat final draft of her Jack and the Beanstalk story.

10th February

We have been working really hard in Class 3, writing stories, making clay amphibians and reptiles in Science, researching food around the world and exploring activities related to children's mental health week.     

3rd February


Writer of the week - Oliver for trying really hard to construct sentences orally ahead of writing and applying his phonics knowledge to spell words.
Handwriting Hero - Eughan for always taking care of his letter size and formation.
Superstar - Harry for amazing me with his phonics and reading confidence this week!

27th January

The following children have impressed us in Class 3 this week:


Mathematician - Jacob for showing increasing enthusiasm and confidence in maths. He has been working really hard with teen numbers. 

Writer - Poppie for having fantastic ideas, and constructing her sentences independently.

Star - Noah for always being a great role model when looking and listening.

We had a great English workshop with Matthew Bellwood this week. The children watched a puppet show of the story 'Jack and the Beanstalk' and then they explored the main events and characters with some drama. They all had a different part and had a great time getting into character and acting out the story. They then went back to class to make their own puppets from the story. 

20th January


This week Class 3 have been further exploring teen numbers as they have focused on representing 13, 14, and 15 using a range of maths resources. We also enjoyed exploring the cold weather as we went on a winter walk on the school grounds looking for environmental changes. 

  • Mathematician of the week - Aubrey for showing excellent confidence when representing teen numbers using a range of equipment.
  • Star of the week - Maison for trying super-duper hard with all his learning as he tries to become more independent.
  • Star of the week - Darina for always having a positive attitude towards learning and demonstrating a brilliant 'can-do' approach.

13th January

Our awards in Class 3 this week go to:
Mathematician - Harlow for working really hard when representing 11 and 12 using various resources. He really thought about the tens and ones in each number.
Star of the week - Paulina for always displaying fantastic listening skills. 
Star of the week - Leo for returning to school in the New Year with a positive attitude towards his learning.


We have also enjoyed launching our new TSU 'Food of all Nations'. We have explored our current understanding using maps and atlases to explore countries and continents, considered where food comes from and thought about how life has changed in cooking and food manufacturing. The children generated many questions based on their curiosities which we will explore for the rest of the term. 

Year 1 Autumn Newsletter 2022

16th December


The final week of term has been super busy in Class 3, rounding off our Autumn learning and squeezing in Christmas activities too! Tuesday saw us sing our hearts out in the KS1 nativity performance. We then enjoyed a Christmas party on Wednesday with dancing, games and party food and some present from Santa for our classroom!

We also completed our final pieces in Art, creating portraits inspired by famous artists we have explored. The children worked really hard to apply the skills they have developed through the use of pencils and paint.

Awards this week went to:
Writer - Emerson for some great story retelling. He created a sequence of simple sentences to retell story events!
Mathematician - Rebeka for demonstrating a good understanding of addition and subtraction when creating fact families in response to a bauble tens frame!
Star - Lilly for having an excellent week back in class, and applying her attentive listening skills to access learning with greater independence.

9th December


Class 3 have been working hard on their writing this week, using their learning about patterned stories to create a sequence of sentences.
Writer of the week - Ellie for showing great independence in recording her ideas, applying her phonic knowledge and trying hard with her writing.
Writer of the week - Harriett for demonstrating good perseverance in creating a piece of writing to be proud of. She took feedback on board and used this to improve her writing to create a final draft.
Star of the week - Niamh for always being a super role model to her peers, trying hard and showing a great attitude all the time.

25th November


In Science this week we have begun to explore our senses through a listening walk and a taste test. We tried hard to hear a variety of sounds around the school environment and were really inquisitive about a range of foods and drinks! We are looking forward to exploring our sense of touch and smell next week. (photos to follow)

We have 3 stars this week who have impressed the adults in class:

  • Poppie-Mai for amazing reading in both Phonics and Guided Reading. She has shown great confidence and increased fluency!
  • Lucan for participating in performing our poem in KS1 assembly, speaking clearly and using the actions in front of an audience.
  • Harlow for being such a kind and caring member of the class who follows instructions really well. 

18th November


We really enjoyed having our parents/grandparents in school on Wednesday to help us develop our speaking and listening skills. The farm animals were amazing with the farm dog Meg being a firm favourite. We also enjoyed showing off our learning during our Artis session where we explore vocabulary through movement and music. 

Awards this week....
Mathematician - Oliver for showing great enthusiasm and participating during whole class learning this week when exploring number bonds.
Writer - Maja for some brilliant instructional writing. She used her own ideas to generate a sequence of sentences!
Star - Emily for having such a positive attitude to learning in all areas.

We have celebrated Children in Need today by wearing spots, having a talent contest in class and enjoying some of the delicious cakes brought in for the whole school bake-off competition. 

11th November

In class 3 this week, the children who have amazed us are:
Mathematician - Isla for trying hard when adding this week.
Writer - Rebeka for showing great independence in her writing.
Star - Kimberley for putting a lot of effort into her learning and trying hard.

4th November

Our superstars this week are:
Mathematician - Nevaeh for showing great confidence when using part whole models to represent amounts.
Writer - Harry for trying really hard and showing pride in his writing.
Star - Riley for always putting 100% effort into his learning.

21st October


Class 3 enjoyed a fantastic day at Eureka on Tuesday, exploring their senses in lots of different ways. The children's curiosity and excitement allowed them to find out new information and discover the way our bodies work. They were fascinated by our skeletons and enjoyed learning about healthy and unhealthy foods. 

We have had a busy end to the week in Class 3 with a fantastic Black History Month assembly and final History outcomes to complete. The children have made some fantastic posters sharing their knowledge. 

Our awards go to:
Mathematician - Leo for always having a positive attitude towards maths and showing a 'have-a-go' approach.
Writer - Aubrey for amazing us with her independent writing about our trip to Eureka.
Star - Jacob for focusing on tasks this week and putting in 100% effort.
Maja also received a prize and certificate for some great home reading this half term!

14th October

Class 3 superstars this week are:
Mathematician - Poppie-Mai for trying hard to use vocabulary to compare numbers as she sequenced them on a number track.
Writer - Maison for making great progress in writing his name this week. He has worked super hard to form letters correctly and in order.
Star - Ellie for always trying her best across all areas of learning.

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We really enjoyed our drumming taster session this week. The children listened really well and copied some rhythms using the bamboo taboo instruments.

7th October


I have attached the award photos but made a link to the others. Hope it works!

This week in Class 3 we have enjoyed a visit from Mrs Dunderdale who told us all about childhood in the past. We enjoyed seeing the photos and toys she had brought in and asked a range of questions to find out information. We have explored some of the games and toys we discussed such as marbles, paper aeroplanes and tiddlywinks.

Over the past few weeks we have also enjoyed bringing in some of our favourite old and new toys from home to present to the class. This has helped our speaking and listening skills as we have shared information and asked questions to find out more.

Our superstars this week are:
Mathematician - Emerson for always participating enthusiastically during whole class learning.
Writer - Eughan for always trying his best and taking care over his letter formation.
Star - Bobby for listening to adult instruction and trying hard across all areas of learning this week.
On the Golden table next week will be:
Harlow for always being keen to please the adults in school.
Lilly-Mae for beautiful manners and politeness.

30th September


Our awards in Class 3 go to....
Mathematics star - Jaxson for showing great independence when representing an amount using a range of resources.
Writing star - Noah for beautifully formed letters when writing a caption.
Star of the Week - Maja for being a good role model in class, following instructions and growing in confidence. 
Our Golden table winners are...
Emerson - for showing a positive, can-do attitude.
Taya - for meeting school expectations consistently. 

23rd September


This week Class 3 have been working hard counting on and back in Maths, writing captions in English and making comparisons between the past and present in TSU. The following children have amazed us with their learning:
Maths star - Emily for demonstrating great confidence counting on and back and identifying 1 more and less.
Star Writer - Lilly-Mae for exceeding expectations by using a conjunction to extend her sentence and taking great care in applying her phonic knowledge to spell.
Star of the week - Harriett for showing great maturity this week when arriving at school and following expectations in the classroom.

16th September


Our Class 3 superstars this week are:


Mathematician - Darina has shown amazing confidence and accuracy when counting this week! 
Writing - Paulina for taking great care in handwriting and using beautiful letter formation.
Star - Niamh has shown excellent listening skills and follows instructions brilliantly in our classroom.

We also have our attendance ambassador this week - Maja achieved 100% attendance in Reception so will be wearing her badge with pride!

9th September


A fantastic first week in Year 1 has led to 3 'Stars of the week':

  • Taya for being super confident and contributing really well in class.
  • Harry for showing amazing listening skills and following instructions.
  • Oliver for using great manners and being a really polite member of our class.