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Earth Day Pre-Launch Assembly

Biodiversity Explained

Biodiversity is the name we give to the variety and amount of all life on Earth. All living things exist within their own communities, or ecosystems - oceans, forests, deserts, ice caps and even cities. All this put together is biodiversity: the volume of life on Earth as well as how different species interact with each other and with the physical world around them.

Biodiversity Week 4th - 8th March 2024


Biodiversity is the variety of different species living in an ecosystem and is essential for life on earth. Having a high level of biodiversity makes an ecosystem stronger, and more able to cope with environmental change. Without the ecosystems and animals and plants on our planet, the world would be a completely different place, most likely a place without any humans.

Throughout the week, each class has been learning about biodiversity. The week started with a special assembly explaining what biodiversity means and why it is important to keep a high level of biodiversity. Every class has taken part in an age-appropriate biodiversity activity and have also had the chance to work with Artis and learn a very special song. The song was written specially for Beechwood and explores the reasons why biodiversity is so important. It is called, 'The Biodiversity Blues'.

Biodiversity Blues

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Some pupils from Year 3 sing the Biodiversity Blues, specially written for us by our very own Carly Wood from Artis

Biodiversity Quiz


Test your knowledge and have a go at our biodiversity quiz. See how you do!

The Important Stuff | A message from children to COP28 leaders

What do children think and feel about the climate crisis? What would they say to world leaders who can make the changes needed to save the world they are leaving for them? The kids need action and global leaders need to hear them.

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The Winners of the "How Important are Trees?" Competition

Thank you for the fantastic entries we had to our 'How Important Are Trees?' competition. We hope you enjoy looking at them and well done to the winners.



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This is Our World

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Some of the Year 3 pupils sing 'This is Our World' which has been written specially for our World Day Wednesday by Shine from Artis.

What can we do to save our planet?
Use the car less? Change our diet?
Switch those lights off? Plant more trees?
Create a meadow for the birds and the bees.
Reduce, reuse, always recycle
The time is now, and change is vital
Stop fast fashion, single plastic It’s time to do something drastic!
This is our world, this is our Earth
Let’s all work together every boy and every girl
This is our time, this is our place
Let’s all work together and make a lasting change
Let our generation have our say!