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Class 4

21st January

Year 1 Home Grid Letter/Information January 2022

14th January


This week we have been learning about measuring. We went outside to measure the trees and did some measuring tasks in the classroom.

We are learning about traditional tales in English. The children watched Jack and the beanstalk, did some amazing drama then made some puppets.

Certificate Winners

26th November


Certificate Winners


19th November

Children in Need

Certificate winners


The children wanted to learn more about bicycles in the past. We invited Chris in to talk about penny farthings and he brought two in. The children were able to ride mini penny farthings around the playground too!

This is our final history work. The children did research about the history of dolls, bicycles, robots and puppets. They made puppets, dolls out of dolly pegs, a paper dolls showing the history of dolls, a giant poster in the shape of a penny farthing and they did a presentation about robots.

We went on a trip to Eureka so we could learn more about the human body as part of our science.