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Multiplications Table Check (June23) information for Parents/Carers

9th June


Six representatives from Year 4 attended an incredible Fairtrade celebration event at Leeds Civic Hall. They did an outstanding job of representing Beechwood. They listened to speeches from Tom Riordon (Chief Executive of Leeds City Council), Councillor Katie Dye and the Lord Mayor of Leeds. They heard from inspiring lived experience storyteller, Adele A'asante. The group also led a workshop for other children, teaching the bean-to-bar process they had previously studied in TSU. To end the session, the children made climate pledges which will be shared with the broader school community. 

Lake District Day 2


We woke up to sunshine and a beautiful view of the lake from our Youth Hostel. After a delicious breakfast,  we took the coach to Keswick. There we looked around the town centre to compare it to Seacroft and we did a survey to find out why people visit the Lake District. We counted lots of cafes and outdoor clothing shops in Keswick and people told us they visit for the scenery. Our final activity of the afternoon was a boat trip on Derwent Water. 
We got lots of compliments about the excellent behaviour of everyone and we had a fantastic residential. Well done everyone, we are very proud of you. 

Lake District Day 1 


We have just stopped for lunch at Ambleside (about 20 minutes from the youth hostel). The children enjoyed the stunning view of the lake in the sunshine. We will spend the afternoon doing activities on the grounds of the youth hostel. 

We are having a brilliant time in the Lake District and the weather is amazing. We had our lunch overlooking Lake Windermere watching the boats and then we drove on to Hawkshead. After excitedly finding our rooms, we spent the afternoon doing different science and geography activities. Now we can use a compass to find the direction we are facing and we can make our own sketch maps of the area. When we investigated the minibeasts in the woods, we found different types of invertebrates and even a baby newt.

12th May


This week, Class 10 continued to develop their art skills. They made observational drawings from the school playground and practised using pens to add detail and shading. They have also planned their final art piece taking inspiration from landscape art of the Lake District. 

28th April


This week, Class 10 were really excited to make our jollof rice. Everyone helped to prepare the ingredients and then we cooked the meal together. We thought about which order we wanted to add the ingredients and voted for which herbs and spices we wanted to add. 

21st April


This week Class 10 had our pre-launch and launch lessons for our new TSU Contrasting Localities. We used our map reading skills to label maps of the United Kingdom with key cities and physical features. During our launch, we researched accommodation, activities and art all based around the Lake District. Class 10 were excited to share facts they had found and will now think of some questions to investigate more about Leeds and the Lake District. 

Spring Home Learning Grid

French Learning Mat

24th March


This week Class 10 had a visit from D-Side to learn about alcohol and the effects of alcohol on the body. Each child then got to try out some special goggles which replicated the effects of drinking alcohol on our eyesight. 
As part of TSU, we practised our knife skills to cut, chop and slice different fruits. Class 10 then really enjoyed trying the different fruits afterwards! 

17th March


This week in TSU we have been researching traditional Ghanaian meals. We have identified the main ingredients used in a lot of Ghanaian cooking and have looked more closely at jollof rice recipes. In groups, we have thought about how we would like to recreate our own jollof rice recipes and have started to put together a list of ingredients. 

Congratulations to certificate winners - Gracie, Abdul, Cj and Ellis and great work Martha and Aaliyah for your home learning about Ghana. 

10th March


This week Class 10 had our second workshop with Shine. We learnt some more African songs and learnt about beat/ pulse and rhythm. 

Congratulations to certificate winners - Gracie, Abdul, Cj and Ellis.  

10th March - Snow Day Home Learning

3rd March


This week Class 10 took part in a 'Be a cocoa farmer' workshop with Hannah. We learned all about what life is like for cocoa farmers in Ghana and learnt about how cocoa beans grow, are harvested and get turned into chocolate. We took part in a game pretending to be cocoa farmers and thought about how Fairtrade helps these farmers and their communities. 

27th January

This week Class 10 had an African storytelling workshop with Matthew Bellwood. First, we listened to the African tale 'How Anansi got his stories'. Class 10 then worked in groups to retell different parts of the story. Each group made pictures of the characters and setting and re-told their part of the story using a projector. In English, we have also completed our African stories about Jamina and the baby elephant. Class 10 have tried really hard to use imaginative and figurative language to make their stories interesting for the reader. 

Congratulations to the certificate winners this week - Alfie, Lexie and Marcus 


20th January

This week as part of our TSU work we have looked more closely at the country of Ghana. We have used maps to locate key cities and landmarks and have made fact files about Ghana. In Science, we practised making different types of noises using things we could find in the classroom. In English, we have started re-telling a traditional African tale. 
Congratulations to the certificate winners this week - Darcie, Connor and Harper. 

13th January

This week, Class 10 had their TSU launch for Ghana. They used globes, atlases, fiction and non-fiction books, chrome books and a range of artefacts to find out more about Ghana and to think about what they would like to learn about this term. Class 10 also had a sound workshop with Sam. They learnt about how different sounds are made, how we can change sounds and investigated how the size and shape of an object can affect the sound it makes. 
Congratulations to the certificate winners this week - Ava, Summer and Jack. 

Home Learning Grid -Autumn22

Year 4 Autumn Newsletter 2022

2nd December


Award winners this week in Class 10 are Jack, Harper, Marcus and Gracie.

25th November


Class 10 award winners this week are Preston, Ellis and Coben. The children have been busy making ancient Greek clay pots. As part of our science, the children were also demonstrating that empty spaces are filled with air/gases by blowing a ping pong ball to each other using a straw.

18th November


Aaliyah and Lexie both won the Children in Need talent competition for a stunning song and dance performance. Hollie, Savannah and Abdul all won awards this week for their work in Class 10.

11th November


This week the Class 10 awards went to Colby, Harper and Gracie.

Attendance certificates were also given out for the last half term.

On Monday, the children had an ancient Greek workshop with Matthew Bellwood

4th November


Award winners this week are Ellis, Summer, Hollie, Alfie, Noah and Aaliyah. On Wednesday, the children took part in a fabulous drama workshop based on the ancient Greek myth of Theseus and the Minotaur.

21st October


The children have been busy using pneumatics to make a moving part on their ancient Greek mask as part of their DT.

14th October


Class 10 had a fantastic day out at Leeds City Museum. They were able to make close studies of real ancient Greek artefacts in the school room and in the Ancient World section. Some of the children made amazing presentations about their discoveries, reporting back to the rest of the class.

7th October


Award winners this week are Marcus, Preston, Alfie and Morrison.
The children in class 10 have been discovering what happens to a light bulb when the power supply from a battery has been increased. They have also been researching the differences and similarities between Athens and Sparta.

30th September


Class 10 award winners for last Friday were Abdul, Evan and Noah.

Summer produced this fabulous drawing of Medusa as part of her home learning for the topic of ancient Greece.

16th September


The Class 10 Award winners this week are Martha, Lexie and Feng.


The children in Class 10 have been busy making simple electrical circuits and experimenting with papier mache and modroc.