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What we've been doing at home.

This page is to showcase some of the work that our pupils have been doing at home during the current school closure.

Science investigations in Year 5

Year 6 Work

Some Maths Work

Year 3 Work - Egypt

Ava has spent a long time at home researching Ancient Egypt and she has made a fantastic pyramid poster to show what she has learned.

Year 1 Plants Work

Work by Alexis
Natalia has been very busy at home finding out all about different flowers and plants. We are very impressed with her science work at home.


Bill has been investigating plants at home. He investigated where different plants grew and whether they had more light or more shade. He found out that: The plants in the sun are greener and can be more dry. They need more water than the plants in the shade. 


Leah has been busy at home researching Ancient Egypt. Look at what she has found out. 


Isla's Letter

Letter from Zac


Dear Miss Smith

                              How are you?I'm ok. I'm replying to your last letter. I have a white long haired chihuahua called Albus.

I have been reading lots of goosebumps books they are my favourite, what's your favourite  book? For VE day we made flags. My mum wants to be a history teacher so she told me lots about the war.

I'm also doing maths and handwriting and my spellings and still learning about Egypt and plants.

From Zac

Year 4

Year 4 are learning more about their local area so here is the excellent work that Harry has been doing at home.


Year 5

Year 5 are learning about India so here is Connor's description of a jungle. First he thought carefully  about the language he wanted to include, then he wrote a draft of his setting. After making his own changes he wrote a final copy. Excellent work, Connor.

Year 3

Excellent English work from Lilly at home. I really like your ideas Lilly 🙂 Miss Callaby

Some Year 1 Work

Working very hard in year 1 reading and learning fractions.

To Miss Karagic


I asked my mummy to send you some pictures so you can see what I have been doing at home. I have been having lots of fun with my mum and brother but I am missing you and my friend summer a lot. I have been doing some school work and went on to purple mash. I have done lots of baking, I have been in the woods to collect sticks and painted them and hid them back in the woods again. I found a tree swing on our walk and that was fun. I went to a river and got in the water with my shoes on. I did some shadow painting in the garden and coloured the pictures in. I made a watch with some crafts my auntie gave me. and I helped my mummy make our front garden into a patio so me and Jaxon and my mum can play. I hope we can come back to school soon. 

Abigail has been developing her knowledge of money today while role playing shops with real sweets for snack time. She really loved it and did a good job of working out what she could have for her £1. Once she had bought her sweets, she played the role of “shop lady” and took my order of sweets and used her till to add up the cost.


Abigail had an art day at home. She made a night scene with stars and silhouetted buildings. 

She also invented her own way of learning phonics by standing on the sounds as she went up the stairs. Has anyone else in Year 1 made up their own phonic games?

V.E. Day Baking

Some French from Callum

Week Beginning 4th May

Casey made this PowerPoint about Leeds at home.

Week Beginning 27th April

Year 3

Dear Miss Callaby, 

I hope you are ok? I am writing to tell you about a mummy I made using a bottle. First, I covered it with tissue and glue to get the shape. Then, I used paper mache to help the bandages stay on. The bandages were soaked in coffee so we could make it look old. Lastly, I put black paint on to give it some more colour.
I hope you like it! 


Homes Year 1

Year 1 are busy finding out about what different houses and homes are like around around the world.


Look at the excellent art work we have been doing at home connected to our topics.

Year 2

Julia has done some lovely work at home.

Some Year 3 Work

Year 3 are really enjoying finding out about Ancient Egypt at home. Miss Smith and Miss Callaby are very impressed with what they have learned. 

laugh Easter Competition Winners  laugh

Thank you so much to everybody who sent in such brilliant entries to our Spring Competition. We loved looking at your different ideas and themes. They have been very carefully made and they must have kept you very busy. We hope everyone enjoys looking at them on our website. 
Your prizes should be with you soon. Well done.

Week Beginning 20th April

Year 2 are busy researching sea creatures and Keevah has found out about a seahorse.


Year 3 are learning about Ancient Egypt so Shelby has written her name in hieroglyphics.


Year 5's new topic is about India. This is fantastic work Reath.


Reath sent us an email to tell us what he had been learning about at home.


Week Beginning 13th April

Lilly has been finding out all about Ancient Egypt while she has been at home. Here is her poster to show what she has learned. She had fun with her family making  paper look like papyrus so she could draw hieroglyphics. 

We are looking forward to seeing if other children from Year 3 send us some hieroglyphic messages.

Alexis' Work

In Year 1 the children were learning about where food comes from. Alexis has made a fantastic poster to show the sandwich she made and what she has found out. She has also enjoyed exploring outside for science and she has written a brilliant story.

Amelia has made this excellent model at home to show what she has learned about Ancient Egypt.
She has included the desert, a pyramid, a mummy and the Sphinx.

Week Beginning 30th March

Here's some of the work that some of our students did at home in this past week.