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22nd July

An extremely busy year has come to an end and the children have achieved so much since September.

We have enjoyed teaching the children who have made great progress, we have had lots of visitors and experiences as well as a great trip to Seacroft library among some of our adventures this academic year.

I would like to wish all our children who are leaving us to start Reception all the best- you will be very much missed!
For the few starting at another school, we hope you enjoyed your time with us. We have loved being at the beginning of their school life and know they will be excellent at their new schools. 
We believe all our children will continue to grow and flourish and it has been a pleasure to teach them.

This week we have had great graduation ceremonies, enjoyed sports days, Spirit Alive events which included a visit from Artforms, we have tasted some traditional foods and had class parties. We had a great turnout from all of our parents for these which was great to see.

We celebrated Elijah and Amirons birthday this week in the nursery - thank you for the lovely treats to share with friends. 

The staff at the nursery received so many kind comments, cards and gifts from the children and their adults and we would like to thank everyone and let you know we are very grateful.

Our attendance winners this term were: Myla Carden and Nova Broughton.

Well done!

We hope you all have a lovely summer.

15th July

Another action-packed week in the nursery. This week the children enjoyed a special visitor and a chance to enjoy a movement session which included exploring key vocabulary. 
One of our caterpillars completed the cycle and we have a butterfly that all the children were very excited to see. We will be letting it fly free next week before we break up. 

We celebrated Lacey's birthday she is now 4. Thank you for the very tasty buns that were sent in to share with her friends.

Our certificate winner: Imogen
Mathematician of the week: Toby

Well done!

8th July

Every week is busy in the nursery and this week has been no different. 

We continued with our topic and started reading the book The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Our caterpillars are now in their cocoons and we are waiting for them to emerge as butterflies. 

During storytime we read the book The Tiger that came to tea at the children's request. I was very pleased when Savannah came to the nursery in her Tiger that came to tea jumper and told me all about the story.

1st July

This week has seen us introduce more animals to grow and change and support our learning in the classroom. We now have some caterpillars as we are learning about The Very Hungry Caterpillar from next week and will start talking about the lifecycle of a butterfly and how they grow and change. 

However, this was not the only animal we looked after this week Miss Frank's pet hamster Potato also came to visit and the children got the chance to learn all about taking care of him as well as getting to touch and hold him too. 

Our plants and vegetables have continued to shoot and grow in our outdoor planters and the children have lots of fun collecting water to water them.

We had a lovely trip to Seacroft library this week, thank you very much to librarian Vanessa Harker for having us and to all our lovely parents for volunteering and making it possible. The children were amazing! they walked there and back so sensibly and behaved very well. We had lots of remarks from members of the public as we did, and I am very proud of them.  The children had a great storytime and the opportunity to explore the children's library. We chose 5 books to take back to the nursery which we will be reading in class we took these out with us on our new Nursery library card. These were put out on display and the children have already started reading some of them. 

Our certificate winner this week is: Reuben
Our mathematician of the week is: Daniel

Well done!

24th June

This week we have had lots of fun starting our new book Doing the Animal Bop. The children have come up with some lovely ideas about what they want to do next in their learning about animals so watch this space.

We have been working on our special number 5 this week and the children have done brilliantly at representing this.

We have been working on improvements to the outdoor areas and some of our boys have been really interested in helping which has contributed to their maths learning too.

Lots of children have been buying and selling from our pet shop.

We celebrated Esme's birthday this week thank you for the lovely treats that were sent in. 

Our certificate winners this week were: Oliver, Divya, and Lacey.

Our mathematician of the week was: Diana

17th June

We have continued with our topic and the children have enjoyed finding mini beasts in the outdoors.

We now have some chick eggs in the incubator, we hope we have some chicks in the nursery shortly.

Look how our plants have grown, they will be coming home soon for you to continue growing. 

We have a great new swing outdoors and the children have done so well using the timer and taking turns so they can have a turn.

As we have had such lovely weather this week we took the opportunity to have a picnic lunch. 

The children have started recording their own animal stories this week, here is Divya telling us hers. 

We celebrated Aveya's and Oliver's birthday this week in the nursery, thank you for the lovely treats.

Our certificate winner this week is: Lexi
Our mathematician of the week is: Ali

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10th June


What a busy start to the first week back in the nursery. The children had such fun when we had a visit from captivating creatures, we got to learn lots about the animals, touch and even hold them.

We also now have our own creature living with us for a while Freddy the Frog we have affectionately named him. The children have promised to take care of him and have been doing a wonderful job so far. Some of our children went off on an adventure to the school pond to find him some delicious bugs to eat.

We celebrated Gracie's 4th Birthday this week in the nursery, thank you for the sweets she brought in to share with her friends.


Reuben won a very special prize and certificate for his brilliant baking, he was the Early Years Jubilee bake-off winner.
Our home learning winner this half term was Aiden and as well as his and his parent's prize we will be arranging ice lollies with the headteacher soon.
Our Mathematician of the week is: Lucy
Our certificate winner is: Esme

27th May 


We have had a busy end to the half term in the nursery with all the preparations to celebrate the Queen's jubilee. The children have been making crowns, bunting, and jubilee plates as part of the celebrations and to really have some jubilee fun we had a very special royal picnic.  

We continued our learning on plants and the children planned how to make their very own beanstalks using lots of maths vocabulary to describe if they would be tall or short, big or small. They all did a fantastic job!
We have also been busy in the outdoors again making popcorn around the fire which was lots of fun.

Thank you very much for all of your fantastic home learning it was brilliant to see. The home learning prize winner will be drawn and announced the first week back to school after the half term.

Our certificate winners this week are: Olivia
Our mathematician of the week is: Taytum

20th May

This week we started reading the new book Jasper's Beanstalk and the children have planted their own beans and we have learned what a seed needs to grow. We are going to take care of these using all of our new learning and watch them grow.

We have continued to dig and plant seeds outdoors so hopefully; these will grow too.

We have been learning about the number 4 and the children have been great at showing different ways of representing 4.

Our certificate winner this week was: Kopper

Our mathematician of the week was: Darcie

13th May

This week in the nursery we have been celebrating Eid and listening to the stories of the children who celebrate this at home. 
Here is what some of what our children said:
Aliza- "I put so many decorations and balloons in my house. We put lights on our walls. I wore some special clothes." 

Ava- "I had lots of decorations in my house and lights. I had some nice food with my family and then got some presents."

We have continued our topic work by digging the planters and planting some seeds. Tiago took this photograph of our planter once it had been tended to. We will keep you updated on developments.

We had a very special visit from Katherine from Tiny Tales this week and the children enjoyed a fantastic interactive story.

Thank you very much for all of the brilliant home learning that has been sent in so far.

Our certificate winner this week was: Kooper 

Our mathematician of the week this week was: Racheiya

Well done! 


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6th May

We have continued our learning journey using Oliver's vegetables and have been busy digging the garden to prepare it for planting seeds next week. We have been taking the opportunity whilst the weather has been nice to have our snack and group time outdoors. 

In the story Oliver's Vegetables, Oliver found beetroot in the garden and this week the children have been tasting this and telling us what they think it tastes and smells like.
Layla said, "It looks like a purple apple."
Divya said, "It tastes sweet."

The children have also been using natural resources to print and make their own pictures. 

Our certificate winners this week are:

The mathematician of the week is: Oliver 
This week's certificate winner is: Aiden

Well done!

29th April


This week we have started using the book Oliver's Vegetables to support our learning in the nursery. 

We also looked at the season of spring and made our own flowers which are on display in the classroom.

The certificate winners this week are: Tiago and Taytum
Our Mathematician of the week is:  Imogen

Well done!

1st April

We have had fun last week continuing with our topic journeys. The children have been busy imagining they are owls and seeing what they could see and hear on an owl's journey.

As part of Mindful March, we have been taking part in yoga and exploring emotions through this.

We had a very special visit this week from a paramedic along with his ambulance. The children got the chance to go inside the ambulance, sit in the driver's seat and sound the siren. We really appreciated the visit and want to thank Harry's Daddy for allowing our children to have this experience.

Our certificate winner this week is Darcie

Our mathematician of the week is Aiden.

Our home learning winner this half term is Divya who received a book, and voucher and went to have hot chocolate with the headteacher.

We had lots of children win a certificate and prize for 100% attendance, Taytum was the prize draw winner for this and also won an Easter egg.

25th March

Another busy in the nursery this week we have been reading the story Handa's Surprise ao went on a journey to Africa to find some exotic fruit using a map. When we found the fruit we tried our best to balance it in a basket on our heads just like Handa. We also tasted some fruit and other things that grow in Africa such as sugar cane which many of our children found shocking  but were delighted with its sweet juice.

We have also been using the Bee Bots learning how to programme these nd taking them on different journeys.

There has been some amazing representations of the number 3 as you can see in the photo.

We loved having a visit from some very interesting owls, the children got the opportunity to hold and touch them and learn some fun facts about them too. We will be learning all about the journey of an owl next week and making our own wings to go on a journey in the sky. 

We celebrated Oakley's birthday in nursery this week, thank you for the treats.

Our certificate winner this week is: Lexi 

Our mathematician of the week is: Aveya

Our Red Nose Day winners are: Kooper and Olivia-Rose
All of the children who entered did amazingly well and received a prize for their efforts.


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18th March

This week we received a letter from Bradley Bear asking us to come on a journey to come and find him on the playground. When we returned from our journey we found another letter from him telling us he couldn't find his way back to the nursery so the children have been busy making maps to help Bradley Bear find his way back to us.

We are really interested in finding out your child's journey to nursery so please send us a photo. 

We celebrated Taytum's 4th birthday in the nursery this week, thank you for the treats brought in by Taytum to share with her friends. 

The children have also been using our new calm zone. 

The children celebrated St Patrick's day completing some Shamrock colouring sheets.

Red nose day was lots of fun with the children dressing up, bringing in some yummy treats and taking part in some red nose day activities whilst at nursery. 

Thank you to everyone who has sent in home-learning; it is proudly displayed on our home learning wall.

Our certificate winner this week is Diana for helping the teachers. 

Our mathematician of the week is Reggie for his fantastic counting.

Our Red nose design winner will be announced next week, thank you for all your entries 

11th March

We have continued with our topic journeys this week and as we have been using the story Whatever Next as a stimulus to learning,  we have spent lots of this week blasting off to the moon. The children have been completing missions like copying patterns to do so. Bear is going on a journey to our children's homes. This week will be his first time away from the nursery and he will continue his adventures with our nursery children every week.

Outside we have been making different modes of transport to be able to go on journeys, the children decided to make a bus and we sang the nursery rhyme the wheels on the bus.

We have started our learning on the number 3 and found different ways of representing this.

To celebrate International Women's Day we talked about who are superhero girls are and why. 

We have introduced a new calm zone in the classroom for the children to use. We will be making some of our own sensory resources to go in the area soon.

Our World Book Day winner was Racheiya and she has chosen a book of her choice which will be ordered especially for her.

Our certificate winner this week is: Leon

11th March

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4th March

We started the week by celebrating pancake day, we made our own pancake mixture and the children did amazingly well at remembering the ingredients for this. We then went outdoors to make these on the fire pit in the magic garden.  The flipping of the pancakes seems to be the highlight of the day.


We have started our new topic journeys this half term. This week we have been using the book A River to support our learning the children have made boats and tested them to see if they float as well as creating a river outdoors.


World book day was lots of fun and the children looked fantastic all dressed up to celebrate. 


Ayda is our home learning winner from the last half term and has received her prize, well done! We would welcome any home learning, particularly from our topic journeys to display in the classroom.


We will be announcing our World Book Day winner next week.


Our certificate winner this week is: Toby


Our mathematician of the week is: Aliza

11th February

This week in the nursery the children have been tasting porridge as we continue our learning about Goldilocks and The Three Bears, they have also been making chairs for baby bear and designing outfits for the gingerbread man.

We had a special visit from Northern Ballet and took part in a Goldilocks and The Three Bears workshop which the children really enjoyed.

We have started our question of the day which is: How are you feeling today? Nova became the teacher and explained this to another child.

We also celebrated a birthday this week, Aiden turned 4! he brought in cake to share and everyone received a dinosaur thank you Aiden.

We have been working on the number 2 and the children found a partner to make the number 2.

The children looked fabulous when they dressed to impress in support of children's mental health.

Our learning from home wall is filling up quickly, thank you for all your lovely work. We will have our special prize draw next week and announce the winner.

Our certificate winner this week is Racheiya for her brilliant singing.

Our mathematician of the week is Elijah for working really hard at recognising numerals 1-5.


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4th February

We have had lots of fun celebrating the Chinese New Year in the nursery this week. The children have been busy making a dragon, having races whilst role-playing being the animals, busting their moves to show their dragon dances, making Chinese lanterns, masks, cards and lots of other creative activities. They also made red envelopes which is a tradition to give as part of the Chinese New Year festivities, Reuben became the teacher for part of this. Olivia celebrated Chinese New Year and told me she got 3 red envelopes, she knew how to represent this on her fingers too.

We have moved on to the number 2 this week and the children have been brilliant at finding representations of the number 2. 

Continuing with our topic of traditional tales we have read lots of these at storytime.

We had a special visit from a P.E. specialist Owen this week who did some brilliant movement work with us.

Well done to those children who have brought in work from home it put a big smile on my face and it is upon our learning from the home wall.

Our certificate winner this week was Cohen for trying really hard.

Our mathematician of the week is Alfie Buck for his brilliant counting of the Chinese New Year gold coins. He was able to place these in the correct tub on the number line too.

Well done!


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28th January

This week we have been working on the number one and lots have the children have found items in the indoor and outdoor classroom to represent number one. Some of the children have been forming the number one and learning a rhyme to help them with this.

We have continued with our topic of traditional tales and have started the tale Goldilocks and The Three Bears. The children have been using the scissors to make Goldilocks hair and pens to mark make her lovely face.

The children have started using the voting station to vote for their favourite traditional tale.

In the outdoor classroom, the children have been trying to find ways to fix the chair that Goldilocks broke.

Our certificate winner this week is Gracie Mae for her lovely singing and our mathematician of the week is Reuben for his brilliant number formation. Well done!


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21st January

We welcomed another two children to the nursery this week the children in the class were so kind and have been helping them to settle in.

We celebrated Cohen's 4th birthday in the nursery this week.

We have been listening to lots of traditional tales have a look at the videos of some of our children retelling them, they did so well!

In the outdoor classroom, we made a beanstalk and thought about another word for big to describe it.

Lots of the children have been retelling the traditional tales we have been learning which makes me very proud!

We baked gingerbread men this week and some when we opened the oven some ran away, we have been on the hunt looking for them.

In the nursery, the number of the week has been number 1 and lots of the children have been finding representations of the number 1.

Our mathematician of the week is Esme for her brilliant counting of everything! She even counted the number of items we used to make Jack's beanstalk.

Our certificate winner this week is Alfie Burton. Well done!

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14th January


\We have been very busy in the nursery getting the children settled into the routines.

We celebrated Mrs Woods birthday this week, the children thought she was 15 which Mrs Woods was very happy about.

We have started reading some traditional tales and have had lots of conversations about the importance of being kind. Some of the children retold the story of the Gingerbread man using props.

The certificate of the week goes to Ayda, Ali, Bobby, Harper, Ava, Ahmad, Kaizer, Olivia-Rose, Millie, Myla, Reggie, Leon, Darcie, Tobias for trying really hard during their first week at nursery.

Our mathematician of the week was Olivia for her fantastic number formation of the number 5

This week's certificate winners.


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7th January


Happy New Year!
Welcome back from the Nursery staff team.

We have had a busy start to the year celebrating 3 birthdays in Nursery this week, Happy Birthday to Aliza, Nova and Kooper! We sang Happy Birthday to them and enjoyed some treats they brought to share with their friends.

Our returning children have come back to nursery eager to share the news of what they did over the holidays. As well as eager to show off their fantastic learning which you can see in the photographs.

We have also had some visits from some of our new children who are just starting with us at the nursery, who we are very happy to have with us.

Our certificate this week goes to Diana for being so kind! She was very attentive to our new starters and helped the teachers to make them feel welcome and settled.

Our mathematician of the week goes to Kopper who helped Miss Logan set up the maths display showing super maths knowledge whilst doing so. When some other children found it a little bit tricky he was on hand to help.

17th December


Lots of Christmas cheer has been had in the nursery this week.

We have listened to lots of Christmas stories, had some fun parties, watched a Christmas movie, left carrots for the Reindeer, watched an amazing Christmas pantomime, made Christmas crafts and had lots of yummy Christmas food.

In the photographs, you can see a Christmas carrot tree the children created for Santa's reindeer.

We also left some treats for Santa and the Reindeers at the nursery door, on one of our specially made Christmas plates.

Our certificate winner this week was Lexi for her enthusiastic attitude to learning. Well done!

We also had some 100% attendance winners this half term- Elijah, Kooper, Harry, Cohen and Mia. Well done!

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!

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10th December


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in the Nursery! We have an interactive nativity display and a Christmas display up too. The children have been decorating the Christmas tree and making other festive treats ready to take home next week. 

We have planned some fun Christmas activities together for next week including a Christmas party, a Christmas movie and leaving a mince pie for Santa. The children have been working hard to learn our Christmas songs for the nativity too.

The cheeky elf has been up to more mischief again this week, you can see this in a photograph.

Take a look at the photograph of our green colour tray this week, the children are doing so well.
We celebrated two birthday's this week in the nursery. Alfie and Racheiya turned 4 and brought in cake for us all to share, we all thanked them for the yummy treat.

3rd December

We have had a very busy but fun week in the nursery. We not only continued with our surprise party preparations by baking a cake, making birthday cards, party hats, and wrapping paper.  We also had the two surprise birthday party's, one for our headteacher Mrs Lanforth and one for Tizzy the tiger. You can see the party’s in some of the photographs as well as some of the children working on the preparations.

On the day of the party, Mrs Lanforth and Tizzy was extremely surprised but very pleased with all the effort the children had put into their splendid party’s.

We also had somebody cheeky arrive in the nursery on the 1st of December- a very naughty elf. The elf has been up to mischief in the nursery, we wonder what he will be up to next? With special thanks to Taytum’s Mummy for providing the elf with a very nice balloon. 

You can also see a photograph of us taking part in Christmas jumper day.

Our certificate winners this week are Cohen for both his enthusiasm to write his name and some great work on representations of numbers using the number line. Diana for her brilliant speaking, she told Miss Logan all about her Mendhi and the celebrations that she got them for. Well done!

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26th November


This week we have continued with our topic celebrations. We have started planning a surprise birthday for the headteacher Mrs Lanforth which will take place next week. The children have had to make lists of what they will need for a party, create some invitations, start making party decorations,  they have made some Jewellery to wear for the party and they have made Mrs Lanforth a birthday present too.

We still have more to do to make sure the birthday party is one to remember but I'm sure we will get everything ticked off of our list in time for the celebrations.

The winner of the Children in need colouring-in competition is (drum roll please) Aliza! Well done!

We celebrated a birthday in the nursery this week, Harry turned 4! We sang happy birthday to him and thanked him for the sweet treats he had brought in for us to share.

We have continued with our autumn work and created these sorting squares in the outdoors, we plan to do these in every season and see what differences we notice.

Last week we started our colour recognition challenge the children did brilliantly with this. We started with the colour red, you can see red Reuben in the tray. This week I was so pleased as the children were all very enthusiastic to show that they could find the colour blue, the photograph shows what they had found on the first day. 

We noticed a spider crawling outside the children were all very intrigued by it and decided to make it a spider's web. They worked together to cut the string and then attach these, we looked at what shapes they could make, in the video, you can see it as the children singing incy wincy spider.

Our certificate winners this week are Tiago for being a brilliant mathematician, showing great work in counting, recognising, and representing numbers. As well as Harry and Willow for some excellent group work on making the spider's web. Well done!


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19th November


This week we wore odd socks for anti-bullying week. As well as supporting children in need by dressing up, having a colouring-in competition, and making Pudsey's spotty bandanas. I'm sure whoever has to judge the colouring in sheets will have a tough decision. The winner will be announced next week.

We also had a birthday in the nursery to celebrate, Mia turned 4 over the weekend. This week we sang happy birthday to her and thanked her for the sweet treats she sent everybody.

We have created autumn collages using all the natural materials the children found on their autumn walks. The children talked about what they could see, hear and smell on their walk, the collages are now up on display in the nursery.

Racheiya's Mummy and Daddy got married last weekend. We were very lucky that they shared some photos of their special day with us and Racheiya was able to tell us all about it.

Our certificates this week go to Gracie-Mae, Esme, Reyansh, and Alfie. They engaged so well in cooperative play, helped one another to achieve, and celebrated their success together. 
As well as Aliza for her fantastic speaking in group time.



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12th November


This week we have been finding out about what the children know about celebrations and what they celebrate at home. 

We learned about Remembrance day. We talked about the poppy as a way of remembering. We made our own poppies in a variety of ways, using different materials in the creative and play dough area. We also had a moment of silence at 11am.

Here are some of our 100% attendance winners. Well done to all the children who received this award!


5th November


We have had a very busy week in the nursery this week. We started off the week by wearing fancy dress and having a Halloween party. The children made pumpkin print pictures in the outdoors and creepy spider pictures inside, we also went on a pumpkin hunt too.

We had a special visit from tiny tales and tunes who told us an interactive story, Cinderella.

We learned about Diwali by reading a story all about it and then making Diya lamps inside and rangoli patterns in the magic garden.

Unfortunately, we had planned to have a fire and toast marshmallows for Bonfire night. This could not go ahead as the forest school teacher had to go for a PCR test, so it will be rearranged. However, we did get to make colourful sparklers and bonfire pictures.


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22nd October


Our last week of half term and the children have been amazing at telling the adults all they have learned about the topic ourselves.

15th October

The children have continued with the topic ourselves, they have been building homes in the indoor and outdoor classroom.

We have been on an autumn walk to see what we could see, hear and smell. We collected some leaves and used them for leaf rubbing.

We have also started looking at Black History Month building on work we did for world afro hair day. The children also selected stories from the black virtual library.

8th October


Continuing on with our learning about pets we went on a dog hunt in the magic garden. The children used their knowledge of numbers to show how many we had found using their fingers.

1st October


Lots of our children have been excited to talk about their pets. We had a visit from a pet fish this week, we have been learning how to take care of different pets.

24th September


As part of our topic ourselves, we have been looking at different families. The children have made their own families using pictures to show and tell the adults.

17th September


The children have been getting busy exploring the new and exciting learning areas in the nursery.

10th September


Welcome to Beechwood nursery!