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French playground games

Our trip to London!
On Monday 13th June, some of our Year 6s travelled to London. It was an early start and we were full of excitement! We arrived in London and got off the coach near to Buckingham Palace, stopping for St James Park. It was a beautiful sunny day and we enjoyed stretching our legs, having a bite to eat and even a quick game of football. After lunch, we walked through the park and stopped to enjoy the views of Buckingham Palace- it was huge and very grand!


Our next stop was photos by the River Thames and a walk past the Houses of Parliament. We saw statues of lots of famous inspirational people outside Westminster. Then it was time for a delicious meal at Pizza Express! After a scrumptious dinner, we went on a river cruise along the Thames. The weather was glorious and the tour guide pointed out famous buildings and told us lots of interesting facts- what a great way to see the city. From water to the sky, we finished the river cruise and moved onto the London Eye. Some of us were very nervous due to the height of the wheel, but everyone was really brave and enjoyed the breathtaking views of London! Lastly, it was time to head to our hotel and settle into our bedrooms for a good nights sleep. 


On Tuesday 14th June, we woke and headed down for breakfast before getting back on the coach for another fun filled day in London. Our first stop was the British Museum and even before we got inside, we were amazed by the sheer size and elegance of the building- it was incredible. Inside, we saw artefacts from all over the world and a range of different eras. Our favourite section was seeing the Mummies from Ancient Egypt. When we finished in the gift shop, our coach took us to Hyde Park for lunch. From Hyde Park, we walked past the Science Museum towards the Natural History Museum. Again we were amazed from the minute we walked inside! We could see an escalator going up through a lit up Jurassic world and couldn’t wait to go up it. We started by visiting the dinosaur section of the museum, it reminded us of the movie ‘Night at the Museum’. There was an enormous T-Rex and lots of other dinosaurs along with skulls, footprints and lots more- it was fascinating! Next, we moved onto the mammal section, the elephants and Woolly mammoths towered over us and were so life like. After the gift shop (our favourite one so far) we went up the dinosaur escalator! Outside, our coach driver met us and took us to Jungle Cave for dinner. The restaurant was set up as a rainforest with lightening and thunder storms every so often as we ate. We even got to meet Charlie the jungle monkey as we ate our tea.


After another scrumptious dinner, we walked to the theatre to watch Matilda. London was busy and bustling and it was great to walk past people enjoying dinner in the sun. We stopped for photos outside the theatre before going in and finding our seats. The show was amazing! The singing, acting, dancing was all fantastic and some of the actors were only our age. We clapped along to the songs and at the end, the actors came out on stage and we stood for a standing ovation. Back at the hotel, we were all very tired so went straight to bed and fell fast asleep.


On Wednesday 15th June, we woke for our final day in London. We had breakfast and packed up our cases ready for the coach to collect. It was another scorching hot day and we walked to the National Gallery, enjoying the sunshine. At the gallery, we split into 2 groups of a tour. We were shown lots of amazing art work, including art by Van Gogh and Monet (who we studied in the Autumn term) and were taught how to really see and critique the artwork. After the tour, we walked out to the front of the gallery and enjoyed the views of Trafalgar Square. We finished our tour of London with a spot of lunch in the Natural History Museum gardens and a tour of the Science Museum. Again, this museum amazed us! We spent ages enjoying the Space floor, seeing replicas of rockets that have landed on the moon. Next, we moved up to the medicine floor and learnt how medicine has progressed over the years, we couldn’t believe the machines that were first used in hospitals. We finished on the transport floor, admiring cars, boats, trains and planes from years gone by- oh how transport has changed!


After another jam packed day, it was time to get on the coach and set off back towards Leeds. We stopped for tea at a service station, sang lots of songs, some of us even had a sleep before pulling back up at Beechwood and heading home.

Year 6 London residential

When we felt more confident, we moved onto using bar models in algebra

Algebra- we used concrete to help us build our confidence with algebra. The cubes represent X and the counters represent 1

Messy fun with the shaving foam to look at reversible and non reversible changes

In Maths, we learnt how to translate shapes. We worked in pairs and set challenges for our partner.

We revised our compass points in the playground with a quick game of North, South, East and West

We used the 8 points of a compass to compare and describe where North and South American countries are in relation to other countries across the world

As we prepare for high school next year, we have been sharing lots of memories from our time at Beechwood

Last week, we enjoyed the ‘creativity’ performance of the I Can Project. It was sunny and warm, so we got to enjoy the performance in our outdoor amphitheatre

In Art, we have been learning to draw rainforest animals

We will rock you!

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We worked really hard on our practice reading paper this morning so we had some chill out time after and sang and clapped along to ‘we will rock you’

Class 14 superstars this week!!

Stars of the week- Harry & Lily

Dojo champions- Casey & Rico

Mathematicians- Kai, Abbie & Toby

Super scientist of last half term- Zach


Well done everyone!

In English today, we wrote acrostic poems inspired by the book ‘The Lost Words’ and book reviews in celebration of World Book Day.

Our World Book Day characters. We had characters from a range of books including: Mary Poppins, Hermione Granger, Oliver Twist, a chimney sweep, a range of Matilda characters, Noah, footballers and Minecraft characters.

Dress to Express Day!

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Today, we celebrated ‘Dress to Express’ day. We came in in clothes or outfits that helped us express ourselves. This afternoon, we learnt the song ‘This is me’ from The Greatest Showman as it is a movie where people are proud to express themselves. We really enjoyed standing tall and singing loud!

Class 14’s Superstars this week are Dojo winners-Renee & Thomas, Star of the Week- Jason, Mathematicians of the week- Nadra and Jayden

Monday 31st January- Today we learnt how to find the area of compound shapes. We used our classroom tables to make compound shapes, and moved them apart to find the missing lengths and calculate the area of the whole shape. We really enjoyed this practical hands on Maths lesson and will use our learning to apply it to our work tomorrow.

Class 14 Superstars this week! Lilly-May and Zach were our Dojo winners, Alan produced fantastic writing this week and Yeasin was our ‘Star of the Week’ . Well done everyone!

This week in Maths, Year 6 have been learning to read and interpret timetables. We have been using number lines to answer questions and read bus and train timetables, school timetables and gym/swimming timetables. We know this will help prepare us for moving around lots of classrooms next year at high school!

Dia de los muertas workshop January 2022

As part of our Dia de los muertas workshop, we created our own ofrenda. An ofrenda is where you place photos of loved ones you have lost and special items that remind you of them them- favourite foods, drinks, perfumes, flowers and anything that brings back their memory. We wrote dedications to people we have lost or famous celebrities who have passed away with memories and things we miss the most about them. We placed flowers in the ofrenda.

Did de los muertas (Day of the dead). Today we had a workshop with Matthew Bellwood, where we learned all about the Mexican tradition- Day of the Dead. Every year, Mexican people celebrate the lives and memories of loved ones they have lost. We created sugar skulls, made colourful masks and designed our own alebrijes (these are often considered as spirit guides or animals that watch over you and keep you safe)

Last week Thomas got a ‘special reward’ certificate for being our Class 14’s Star of the Week! His attitude to learning was fantastic and it was so lovely to see his hand shooting up in lessons eager to answer questions. Well done Thomas 😊


DT- strengthening bridges. We made circular pillars and triangles to strengthen our bridges.

Maths- this week we went out to the playground to practice multiplying and dividing by 10. We made a human place value chart and moved people (digits) in the right direction, to the right if we were dividing and to the left if we were multiplying.

Fractions and cake! We have been learning about fractions this week so we used cakes to work with equivalent fractions. It really helped our understanding for our next lesson and the cakes were yummy too!

DT- we used newspaper to build chairs to hold 3 of our TSU books. We can't wait to find out on Monday if our chairs are strong enough!

Friday 19th November- Children in Need 2021!


Today we celebrated Children in Need. We raised lots of money. Children came in dressed in sports kits, yellow, spots, stripes, pyjamas, or non uniform. 


We had a football tournament at lunch time, which was great fun! We didn't win, but we had a great time! 

Lots of children entered the colouring competition. They were all beautiful but Zarah's had added sparkle!


Zarah, Lilly May and Harry all baked cakes for the 'Beechwood Bake Off'. Their cakes looked delicious! We finished the day with a cake sale and all left with smiles on our faces and yummy cakes in our hands. 


Thank you to the student council for planning a fab day :) 

Class Awards 12th November