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30th June


Year 5 enjoyed a successful visit to BYA today to see what life is really like inside a secondary school.  We took part in Maths, PE and Science lessons and sampled the delights of their canteen at lunchtime.  Everyone had a fantastic time.

DT- Circuits

The children have worked hard to create blogs for the website. Please give them a read. :) 

London Trip  

I had the greatest 3 days of my life! My favorite thing was lion king read on to find more about London. 


Day 1 

At half past 6 in the morning, we started a journey to London. Suddenly, the adventure started at the Imperial War Museum with my friends who were excited to learn more about World War 2. I loved seeing the weaponry and artillery –guns, fighter planes, bullets, submarine weaponry – used in World War 2. Even though this was the first time most of my friends had seen these items but was still amazed. I spent the rest of my time reflecting on what I have learned in class. Not long after we rode into the heart of London. The first sculpture I identified was the London Eye! My excitement-that was already high-grew knowing I was going on the London Eye. Although some of my friends were scared at first, they rode to the top of London to see the beautiful sights. It was a fun day! We went to pizza express after, and it was scrumptious.  

Day 2 

At the beginning of the day, we went to the science museum, we first went to the gift shop then we went to the science area. We first saw the fantastic performance. And then played in the Wonder Lab for a bit. Later we drove to the British museum we saw ancient sculptures. They were remarkably interesting. For our meal we ventured to the Jungle Cave. Throughout our meal the statues of animals were moving. It made me feel like I was in the jungle! 


Freya and Ethan 

London trip 

Me and my friends had the best time in London. 


As soon as we got there, we went to the first museum [the imperial war museum]. We were so excited that we rushed to the front of the line, my favorite part was the fighter planes and weaponry. On the way we saw things that we had already learned in class. After we saw all the interesting artifacts, we were so hungry we went to pizza express on foot. After pizza express, we headed we headed to the London eye as we were on the London eye, we were so excited we went to the edge. When it was over, we got on the coach and went to the youth hostile to get a good night's rest. 

As we woke up, we got on the coach which drives us around London. When we arrived at the beautiful enormous science museum. First, we went to the gift shop. There was so much to pick from, eventually I chose. After the gift shop we went to all three floors of the science museum, it was so much fun. After that we went to the wonder lab [it was my favorite part]. Then we were very hungry, so we went back to the coach, and we went to the beautiful jungle cave [it was like we were in a real jungle]. When we sat down, I ordered the chicken strips with chips. It was delicious. Unfortunately, we left moments later we left on foot to the national art gallery. There were various paintings that were beautiful. half an hour later we went straight to the lion king theatre we were so excited nobody could stay still. For ten minutes we had to just stay still and wait until the acting started. As the acting started, we loved all the little details and there were almost no imperfections. Sadly 3 hours later the acting had ended. We left the theatre for the coach when we arrived at the youth hostel, we got a good night`s rest  

On our last day we woke up and got on the coach to go to the natural history museum. As we walked in, we were so carried away by the dinosaur bones and the interesting things. Then after we went to the one and only Buckingham palace, we all looked over the fountain. Finally, we got on the coach and went home.  



Charlie and Damirs 


London Residential 

Me and my friends had an amazing three-day London trip. My favorite part of the trip was the lion king because it was acted out. It was the best! Read on to find out more about the trip. 

Our first day began with a long journey to the Imperial war museum, I could not believe what I saw. It was so good! After that, we went to the west minister abbey which stood still in the distance. After we went to pizza express the food was so good, I had pepperoni pizza and chocolate fudge cake. The best part about the first day was defiantly the London Eye. At the top I could see all of London and it made me feel like I was in a dream. 

On the second day, we went to the science museum, we had a quick look around before entering the experiments which led on to the wonder lab. In the wonder lab, there was a woman (who was creative) played with fire. The fire danced to the Mario theme song. My friend (Skyler) shouted out ‘that is so cool I wish I could do that!’ Then we visited the British museum which had an ancient Egypt area and it had mummies and tools that was held by people who once lived hundreds of years ago. We went to the Jungle Cave where my friends and I had dinner together. The food was so good, I had chicken strips with chips. Later after dinner, we went to the art gallery, and it had loads of pictures which inspired people. We went to Trafalgar square. It had a giant area with a beautiful waterfall in the middle. My favorite part of London was lion king. There is so much to explain. We started off by sitting in our seats until it started. Then it started with the traditional song (Naavinya) while Simba was being held up by the monkey. During the performance, Nala and Simba got trapped in hyenas then Mufasa came and saved Nala and Simba. At the end, Scar scratched Mufasa, and he died.  

At the natural history museum, we saw woolly mammoths, dinosaurs, and insects. The last stop was Buckingham palace, but it was pouring with rain! Then we went to the gas station, had food, and went home. 


Paige and Payton 

London Blogs 


London residential 

I had an amazing time on the London trip. We all created a splendid example by behaving excellently for our school. Read on to find out more. 


My first day began with an extremely long journey to London. Our adventure started right away at the Imperial War Museum. I was happy to learn more about my topic which is WW2. I rushed into the Museum happily. Me and my friend loved seeing the weaponry and artillery such as (fighter planes, ammo, guns and submarines). Although, this was my first-time seeing WW2 things, I loved how they were used during the war. All of us read about things in the war and took it into our minds. After a short while, we went to pizza express for our tea, I had a cheese pizza. After that, we went to the heart of the London Eye. We identified the structure of the London Eye. I was very scared at first but when we got to the top I standed up and walked about. I had so much fun on the London Eye! Despite having such a long day, we had a fantastic first experience. 


The next day, we took the coach straight to the science Museum. Inside there were lots of interesting old items, there was even room for space. The room about space was my Favorite room because there were so many interesting facts about space. Then we went to the Wonder Lab and conducted lots of science experiments. It was so much fun! The best part was where you get to verse people in a climbing race. I ended up winning as well! When we got to the British Museum, we saw lots of ancient items- some were even thousands of years old. It was so cool looking at things from the past. I even saw some mummies there. For tea, we went to the jungle cave, inside there were so many animals and creatures. I had a margarita pizza with chips. The food was delicious! For dessert, I had ice cream with whipped cream. When we were at the National art gallery, the paintings were very colorful and interesting paintings. The paintings were very detailed, and it took them a long time to do. At Trafalgar Square there were two wonderful fountains and a huge statue. Around the statue are 4 statues of lions. After a 10-minute break we went to go to the theater to watch lion king. As we got inside the theatre there were so many people, and the stage was huge. When it started there was so much music, and my favorite part was when scar push his brother down because it was in slow motion. 


In the morning we got up and dressed, then we went downstairs to go on the coach to the Natural history Museum, there were so many delicate animals and old artifacts. Suddenly, we went to learn about learn a lot about dinosaurs (dinos), there were even moving dinosaurs. We took the coach to Buckingham palace we only saw half of it because it was raining. The palace was massive. When we got on the coach, we were drenched because of the rain thar happened. As we were halfway home, we took a stop to have McDonald's for tea and to go for a toilet break. On the way back to Leeds I did a drawing of past time and some people fell asleep on the way back. Finally, we got back to Leeds after about 6 hours on the coach. It was the best school trip ever. 

Mollie and Lexi  




London trip 


We had a good 3 days in London, we set a good example for our school. 

Read on to find out more. 


I was sitting next to my friends on the coach for the long trip (6 hours). After the long journey we finally arrived in London to go to the Imperial war museum, we were there for an hour. In the blink of an eye, we were on the coach heading to the center of London –Westminster abbey. We walked to pizza express for dinner. After the delicious meal we went to the London Eye, everyone was excited. As we got to the top, we had a magnificent view of London.  


On the second day of the trip, we went to the Science Museum. Before we went to the wonder lab, we had a look at some exhibits (space and airflow). We then went to the Wonder Lab that was full of exciting experiments and activities. Then we went to the British museum, which was full of ancient artifacts, (It was incredibly fun.) We then went to the jungle cave for dinner, it was exceptionally good. After that delicious meal we hopped onto the coach and started to head to the National Arts gallery, it was full of old and expensive paintings. At Trafalgar square there were 4 giant metal lions surrounding a tower, with 2 fountains around it. The lion king was my favorite of the day and some other people's favorites. My favorite character was the old lady. 


The natural history museum was my favorite of that day everybody loved it. we got to Buckingham palace but as we got off the coach it started raining bad, so we barely saw the palace, so we went straight home.  

Philips and Penny  

At School  

While some Year 5 children visited London we stayed behind in school and did took part in lots of enjoyable activities read on to find out what we did.  

On our first day we completed World War II searches with Mrs. Hayling and Mrs. Riley. Later in the day, with Mrs. Clarke, we went in groups to make bread. We mixed flour, yeast, water, oil, salt, and sugar together with a spoon until it was a soft dough. After the dough was sticking together, we took it out of the bowl and kneaded it with our hands until it was an elastic dough. Then we left it to prove. After an hour, we shaped the dough into a loaf shape and left it to rise again before baking it in the oven. While we were waiting for our bread to rise, Mrs. Clark gave us some bread which she had made earlier to try with butter. It was delicious! 


Day 2 30.3.23 

With my two friends, 

 we made a PowerPoint about famous landmarks in London such as the London Eye, Big Ben and Buckingham palace. We also made some World War Two silhouettes' pictures by painting with pastel colors and cutting out black buildings to make the silhouette. I loved how my painting turned out. We drew planes and bombs shading with a pencil. Making a picture of World War Two bombs. Before home time we practiced a song about needing a little help from my friends for an assembly. When we went to assembly there were loads of easter eggs, every class sang their song including us. Then from class to class some of us got easter eggs for attendance or a competition. My favorite part was when we all got easter egg 

Nakara Pope Brown & Isabella Feitosa 

School Fun


While the rest of yr5 were in London we did art, WW2 word searches and made bread. Small groups went with mr’s Clark to make a loaf of bread each.In class we researched about London.

Making Bread

To make bread we put flour, salt, sugar and yeast in a  bowl and mixed it together. Next  we added water until it made a soft dough. We kneaded the dough until it was soft and pliable.

After that we left it in the bowl to rise for about 1 hour. We then made it a cob shape and left it to rise again.After lunchtime mrs, Clarke baked it was golden brown everyone tried the bread at the end of the day and took their own loaf home.

WW2 art

We used a water point to create pictures of London being cured of the war. The houses and 

aerophes were cut out in paper and stuck on to make it look like London street.

WW2 word search 

The ward search was full of words comeatal to WW2 such as bums,  evacuation, and German. Even Though we didn’t go to London we had a fun time.The best park was making bread. Thank you for reading my blog. I hope you enjoyed it.


Adonay, Havey, Jay Jay


French Knowledge Mat

Spring Home Learning Grid

6th January 2023


Class 11's Stars of the Week!

Freya - For concentrating well during handwriting practice.

Payton - For consistently reading at home. 

Nakara - For great input in English lessons drawing great inferences about the characters in Good Night Mr Tom.

Dylan - For explaining his understanding of comparing calculations to others well.

Tristan - For listening well during Chapter one of the class novel and giving in-depth answers about the text.


Home Learning Grid - Autumn

Year 5 Autumn Newsletter 2022

10th March - Snow Day - Home Learning

11th November


Class 11 attended an exciting trip to The Leeds Industrial Museum where they became Victorians for the day. The children loved dressing up and sharing their knowledge of Victorians, whilst learning about how the Industrial Revolution evolved.

Stars of the Week