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Year 6 Summer Newsletter - Welcome Back!

Spring Newsletter and Home Learning Grid

Today, we were learning how to find the area and perimeter of compound shapes. Class 14 was turned into a puzzle room with tables used to set up different compound shapes. We had a great time calculating missing measures and writing on the tables!

Year 6 Girls Football Tournament


Our Year 6 girls took place in a football tournament organised by Leeds United Foundation Trust.  We had a brilliant day where we bonded, developed our teamworking and our resilience skills.


There were over twenty schools in the competition.  Overall, we won 4, drew 1 and lost 1 of our games.  We made it to the Uefa Cup!


We had a great day!







Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)


Year 6 studied this Mexican tradition where people celebrate the lives and memories of loved ones they have lost. We learned all about this celebration in a workshop with Matthew Bellwood. We created sugar skulls, made colourful masks and designed our own alebrijes (these are often considered as spirit guides or animals that watch over you and keep you safe).

At the end of the workshop, we created our own ofrenda. An ofrenda is where you place photos of loved ones you have lost and special items that remind you of them - favourite foods, drinks, perfumes, flowers and anything that brings back their memory.  We wrote dedications to people we have lost or famous celebrities who have passed away with memories and things we miss the most about them.

The workshop helped us learn about this Mexican celebration while also giving us time to reflect positively on the memories we have of people who are no longer with us.





Herd Farm Residential


Year 6 had a great time on their residential stay at Herd Farm. We took part in a range of activities including flying down a 150m zip line, we completed an obstacle course, we built (and stood on) a crate challenge, we tried archery and we had a go on the giant swing. We also went on a night walk and toasted marshmallows around the campfire. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and overcame their fears.









We are designers


Class 14 completed their DT project by working in groups to construct a bridge using the knowledge they had learnt in lessons.  The project proved a lot harder than it first appeared and the children had to dig deep using their resilience.





Photos from our French 🇫🇷 Day.

22nd September

Design and Technology


We are developing our knowledge around how bridges are constructed and where they get their strength from.  There are four main types of bridges: arch, suspension, cantilever and beam bridge - can you name any famous bridges?


In our recent lesson, we were set the challenge to build a chair from newspaper (with no adult support or input).  We designed the chair and then set about constructing it - the results were interesting!






We learnt that we should spend more time planning (and actually follow those plans too)!


We are scientists!


This term, we are beginning to look at the classification (taxonomy) of living things.  In our first lesson, we classified sweets based on our own choice of characteristics.  We then developed our understanding to start classifying animals.





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