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Class 3

15th July


Our awards this week:
Star of the week - Scarlett C for being super sensible and always working hard. She has had some amazing ideas in Art and DT this week.
Star of the week - Mia for trying really hard in all of her learning this week. She has shown great independence in her learning.
Here are some photos of our Art and DT outcomes. The children have been working really hard. In Art, we developed skills in changing and using materials for effect. The children either designed and made a collage or a woven flag, applying the skills they had learned. In DT the children explored hinges, levers and joins to build their own castle. 

8th July

We have had a busy writing week in Class 3 which is reflected in our awards:


  • Writer of the week 1 - Jacob Kaye for showing great independence, generating ideas and recording them neatly on the page.
  • Writer of the week 2 - Imogen Knott for challenging herself to use topic vocabulary and conjunctions to add detail to her writing.
  • Star of the week - Maddie Adair for being super helpful in the classroom, always listening and trying to impress the adults.

1st July

Our awards in Class 3 this week go to:

  • Mathematician - Mia for trying really hard when working with money.
  • Writer - Oliver H for putting effort into his writing and impressing me with a sequence of sentences.
  • Star - Maya for always listening and following instructions but also putting her hand up lots this week on the carpet.

24th June

Year 1 had a fantastic day exploring Skipton Castle in the sunshine. All the groups listened really well to the tour guides and responded to questions using topic language to share their knowledge. We were super impressed with their curiosity which led to some great questions and observations being shared.

Our awards this week go to:

  • Mathematician - Amellia, who sometimes finds Maths tricky, but this week has tried really hard to find halves and quarters.
  • Star - Billy for excellent listening skills on our trip to Skipton Castle. He responded to the tour guide's questions really well!
  • Star - Sivh for settling into her new school and class brilliantly. We are very pleased to have her!

17th June

This week our certificate winners are:
Mathematician - Scarlett C for working really hard when finding halves and quarters during our Fractions work.
Reader - Andrew for amazing us with his phonics knowledge and confidence in reading!
Star - Kara for trying her best in all of her learning and listening well this week.

This half term, a group of pupils in Year 1 have taken part in the Let Leeds Read project run by Leeds Beckett University. The project helps support children to develop their phonics skills weekly with a student from the university and the children have really enjoyed the sessions. This week the project came to an end. The university kindly gifted every child in Year 1 with a goodie bag filled with two brilliant books - Not Now, Bernard by David McKee and The Koala Who Could by Rachel Bright. The children were excited to receive these and couldn't wait to read them at home! 

27th May


Class 3 have been working hard on their writing this week so we have 2 writers of the week...
Mya - excellent use of story language when retelling events. Mya impressed me with the detail in her story.
George  - concentrated hard to retell story events and his spelling was excellent!
Star of the week - Imogen for always showing amazing listening skills and following instructions the first time.

We also have had some excellent home learning this half term from models, maps and information books supporting our Homes Around the World work. 

20th May

Class 3 enjoyed stepping back in time at Herd Farm where they explored a Mesolithic camp and Iron Age roundhouses. The children showed great teamwork when building teepee style shelters and learnt how to make their own wattle fences. The roundhouse provided a wonderful sensory experience of life in the past before sitting around a real fire. 

13th May

Our Class 3 awards this week go to...

  • Mathematician - Oliver H for showing great confidence in Maths when calculating and using time vocabulary this week.
  • Writer - Hanan has impressed us with his drafted writing this week, applying his handwriting skills and phonics knowledge.
  • Star - Jacob for great enthusiasm for learning and a positive attitude in school.

6th May

Well done to our certificate winners this week:

  • Mathematician - Maddie for some great 3D shape work using new vocabulary and solving problems!
  • Writer - Scarlett C for beautiful descenders, all sitting neatly on the line like super smart soldiers!
  • Star - Norman for an improved attitude towards learning. He has tried so hard in all lessons this week!

29th April

Mathematician - Tyler for demonstrating great confidence in applying place value knowledge to sequence numbers.

Writer - Ibaad for always trying his best to form his letters correctly. They are all the same size as he takes lots of care.

Star - Emmanuel for trying so hard with all his learning this week. We are really enjoying his learning attitude! 

22nd April

Shining bright in class 3 this week are:
Mathematician - Billy for demonstrating great confidence when identifying odd and even numbers this week.
Writer - Yasa for concentrating so hard on writing his final draft. His information book about Chocolate is super neat and tidy!
Star of the Week - George for putting in 100% effort with his learning this week.

1st April


Here are our award winners for this week:

Writer of the week - Kara has impressed us with her increased confidence and improved presentation.
Reader of the week - Scarlett C has grown in confidence and is reading so many red words on sight now!
Satr of the week - Lacey has been putting 100% effort into her work this week.

We also have the attendance winners for this half term! George won the £10 voucher and Ibaad won the Easter Egg for punctuality. 

25th March

Here are our awards this week. We have the Comic Relief award winners too!

Lewis is our Handwriting Hero for beautiful letter formation and writing on the line.
Harriett is our Star of the Week for showing the BEST listening skills and always being super helpful in the classroom.
Maya has amazed us with her place value knowledge, making her the Mathematician of the week!

Chocolate Story and Owl Visit

18th March


Here are our awards for this week:

  • Star of the week goes to Scarlette for always listening, following instructions and being a super sensible and helpful member of Class 3. 
  • Mathematician  - Daisy Cook for always participating in lessons. She used her place value knowledge really well this week as a counting strategy.
  • Writer - Andrew Millard for his increasing independence when writing. This week we have been writing a recount of our trip to The Chocolate Story.

11th March


Here are our certificate winners this week:

Mathematician - Norman
We have been applying our understanding of adding and subtracting this week to find bonds, one more/less and fact families!

Reader - Emilio
This week we have started to look at information books, identifying features such as headings, captions, labels and different types of print.

Star - Oliver A
Excellent listening and following of instructions from adults this week, in particular on our school visit to York!

18th February

Attendance Awards

11th February

On Friday as part of Children's Mental Health Awareness Week we 'Dressed to Express' and wore clothes that express ourselves.

21st January

14th January


This week our certificate winners are:

📚 📘 🪲Bug Club Champion - George 🐞📙📖

 ⭐️✨Star of the Week - Billy💫🌟

👧🏻 🌱 Mya did some impressive work about Jack and the Beanstalk 🌱 👦🏼

⚖️🧮 Mathematician of the Week - Scarlette➕💭

7th January


Our Certificate Winners this week are:

 💭 🙇🏽‍♀️ Maya - for really good ideas in our launch lesson 🤔💬

⭐️🌟 Jacob - Star of the Week ✨💫

✏️ Amelia - Mathematician of the Week - for working hard and staying focused in Maths 🔖

17th December


Congratulations to all our winners, especially to Mya who got 100% attendance this 1/2 term

Congratulations to Daisy who won the attendance stocking in the prize draw.

Certificate winners this week were:

🎄Writing: Lacey-Mae🎄

🌟 Christmas Stars of the Week: Billy and Maya 🌟

🎄 And to Tyler and Harriet for impressive work this week! 🎄


Well done to Daisy, George and Mya, who have read at home at least three times a week this half term.

10th December

This week's certificate winners are...

✏️ Writing Award: Hanan 📝

😀👍🏻 For hard work all week: Ibaad 👍🏻😃

⭐️ 🌟Star of the Week: Scarlette ✨💫

3rd December


This week's certificate winners are...

✏️ Writing Award: Kara & Oliver 📝

🧮 Maths: Lacey-Mae 🔖

⭐️ 🌟For hard work in phonics: Andrew ✨💫



26th November


This week's certificate winners are:

🧮 Maths - Evelyn and Oliver 🧮

⭐️ 🌟 Star of the Week - Lewis ✨💫

📖 Bug Club Reader of the week! - Maya 📚



19th November


We dressed up for Children in Need and posed with Pudsey Bear!


Certificate Winners this week:

📕📗 Maya - Bug Club Reader of the Week 📘📙

🧮 Yasa - Maths-Whizz! 🧮 

 📝 Imogen - for improvement in Maths and English 📖 ✏️

🌟 ⭐️Maddie - Star of the Week 🌟⭐️

12th November


This week's certificate winners were:

😃 Scarlette - Always listening and trying her best. 😃

🧮 Harriette - Maths-Whizz 🧮

 ✨⭐️ Mia - Star of the Week!🌟💫

5th November

Certificate winners this week were...

📚Lacey - Super Reading 📖

📝 Andrew & Reggie for Excellent Writing ✏️

🌟✨⭐️Daisy - star of the Week!🌟⭐️✨

22nd October


11 pupils in Class 3 have been at school every day this half-term. Well done for 💯% attendance.

Our certificate winners this week were:

🧮 Emmanuel and Scarlett for excellent Maths work. 🧮

✏️ Lewis for super writing ✏️

⭐️ Maya was Star of the Week ⭐️

We also gave reading awards to those children who have been 📕 reading 📘 3 times a week at home this half-term.

8th October

This week's certificate winners were Mya, for amazing maths work, Immogen, for fantastic writing and Emelio was our Star of the Week!

1st October


Well done to this week's certificate winners:

Billy - Star of the Week

Lacey-Mae - Fantastic Writing

George - Maths-Whizz


24th September


Well done to our certificate winners this week.

Oli - Star of the week

Tyler - Maths-Whizz