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Class 7

24th May


In Class 7 we shared our heritage with each other and made posters to help us explain it.

Class 7 have worked really hard this term. Well done to all our certificate winners this week and everyone with 100% attendance.

3rd May


In Class 7 we created our own maps using our own choice of materials to show what the country of Ancient Egypt looked like. We researched the River Nile and began to find out why it was so important to daily life in Ancient Egypt.

26th April


In Year 3 we have launched our new topic about Ancient Egypt this week. We started to look at different types of sources to help us think about what we would like to research. Everyone is very interested in what mummification is, why they built the pyramids, how they survived in the desert and what animals they had. Look at our class page each week to see what we find out.

This week, Year 3 enjoyed taking part in some different activities for Earth Day. We looked at different ways we can help to look after our planet and made our own pledges. Year 3 had a special visitor who taught us some interesting facts about electricity and showed us how solar panels work. We also performed a new song with Shine all about the wonders of Earth and how important it is that we look after our planet. 

8th March




Year 3 decided to develop an area of grass near the KS2 playground to improve the biodiversity in our area. Year 5 had already been outside to investigate and they had told us that where there was no shelter or flowers, there were no insects. We researched how to make different mini-beast homes and we collected twigs, pinecones and leaves to help us. As we want to attract a range of creatures, we created shelters on the ground and made bug hotels. We found out it is important to have water in an area so we added some containers for that too. Over time, We hope that we will spot different birds and insects. We plan to add more flowers to this area by keeping some grass long so that bees and butterflies come here to get pollen.

World Book Day


Class 7 really enjoyed reading with Year 1 on World Book Day.

Nell Bank Residential Day 2


Year 3 really enjoyed finding out about the different animals that live around Nell Bank on day 2 of our residential. We worked in groups to do a habitat trail and a scavenger hunt and then we had a brilliant time den building in the woods. 

Nell Bank Residential - Day 1


Year 3 have had a brilliant 1st day on our Nell Bank residential. We have enjoyed pond dipping and were very excited to catch newts. We also hunted for mini beasts and found out about trees on a woodland walk. We couldn’t wait to explore the adventure playground and to use our torches on a night walk around the Nell Bank grounds. Mrs Lanforth visited us for tea and enjoyed star gazing with us. 

2nd February


Year 3 enjoyed exploring Seacroft with Matthew Bellwood because he knew so much about the history of the area. We found out that Seacroft was a village and for hundreds of years, there were farms, fields, woods and animals in the area. Most of the houses and flats we can see now have been built after World War Two when the farmland was sold. 

26th January


Year 3 enjoyed watching the performance connected to My Mental Health Rocks by Sarah, Louise, Emily and James.  The characters had to solve problems by helping each other on a woodland adventure. After the performance,  we thought about different activities that the characters enjoyed and how these made them feel. It was great fun and it made everyone think about how we use our different superpowers every day.

19th January


In Class 7 we have launched our new Community topic by thinking about our area and its place in the world around us. We looked at different maps, books about the environment and iPad links and then we walked around our grounds to help us get ideas about what we could do to make a difference.


22nd December


Well done to everyone who got attendance certificates at the end of the half term. 
Fantastic reading work Chase - well done for winning a book for reading so much at home.

Class 7 produced some fantastic art work to illustrate parts of the Beowulf myth. 

1st December


Year 3 enjoyed learning about the Anglo-Saxons this week when Catherine came into school. We found our life in Britain changed again because the Anglo-Saxons lived very differently to the Romans.

24th November


Last week Year 3 visited Meanwood Valley Farm to help us learn more about our science topic. We carried out different investigations to find out what different soils are like and how they are made.

17th November 


Year 3 have really been enjoying the Anglo-Saxon story of Beowulf. We have acted out different parts of the story and created our own freeze frames to show the feelings of the characters at different points of the story. We can't wait to find out what happens next.

27th October


For Black History Month, we chose different role models to find out more about and we made artwork and posters about them. 

13th October


Year 3 really enjoyed learning about the Romans this week when Catherine visited us for another history day. We found out the Romans invaded and then settled in Britain because the Emperor wanted to expand his Empire. The Roman Army fought the Celtic tribes already living in Iron Age Britain and made lots of changes.

Davida completed the Seacroft Library Summer Reading Challenge and won a prize from Vanessa the librarian in our assembly today. Well done Davida.

6th October


Class 7 really enjoyed working with Artis this week to do drama and learn a rap connected to our Stone Age History.  We imagined we were hunter-gatherers and we pretended to use the stone tools we made.

29th September


We had great fun on Friday taking part in the French Day. 🇫🇷 We enjoyed learning a dance with the French music group, playing boules outside, eating French food and making our own collages using ideas from the artist Henri Matisse.

22nd September


We are really enjoying our bamboo tamboo music sessions this half term.

Class 7 went to Seacroft library this week to choose some class books to read. Vanessa showed us around and talked to us about the different types of books that there are to borrow. We found books connected to our history topic and some interesting stories to read.

15th September


We began to find out about life in the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age this week when Catherine our history expert visited. We looked carefully at different reconstructed sources to help us learn about daily life in the Stone Age and we had a competition to see if we could beat the teachers. Everyone had to work out what the objects were made of and what we thought they were used for. Then we made our own cave paintings using charcoal just like the Stone Age paintings that have been discovered in caves around the world.

8th September


This week in Year 3 we have talked a lot about the history that the children learned in KS1 ready for all the new history we will be learning in our Invaders and Settlers TSU this term. When we introduced this new topic, we thought about what we would like to learn more about and developed a list of questions to research this term. Here is our Home Learning Grid to give you some ideas about what we will learn this half term. We are really looking forward to sharing what you learn at home as well as at school.