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National Links

National Links


Beechwood places a high priority on our pupils developing a sense of the rich diversity of our country through first-hand experience.  

We offer an extremely high-quality programme of residential visits for Key Stage 2 pupils, all embedded in pupils' current areas of study.  Each year we currently offer residential visits for Y3 to Nell Bank, Ilkley, Year 4 to the Lake District, Year 5 to London and Year 6 to London.

National Links 2022 – 2023:

Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term


Year 5 Residential to London

From: Wednesday 29th March

To: Friday 31st March


Year 3 Residential to Nell Bank

From: Tuesday 28th March

To: Wednesday 29th March

Year 4 Residential to the Lake District

From: Monday 15th May

To: Tuesday 16th May


Year 6 Residential to London

From: Wednesday 24th May

To: Friday 26th May

Nell Bank - Year 3

We had a fantastic day exploring Nell Bank. When we arrived, we were really excited and we didn’t even mind the rain. First, we had great fun walking with Dave, Lorraine and Emma in the woods. There were so many trees all around us and some of them were more than one hundred years old. After that, we went pond dipping. Look at the photos to see one of the newts we caught. We then had time for a scavenger hunt before playing on the brilliant playground. Tomorrow we are looking forward to den-building. Here are some photos that show our second day at Nell Bank. We had a brilliant time building dens and mini-beast hunting. Dave and Lorraine told us how impressed they were with our behaviour and resilience and we really enjoyed working with them.

Lake District – Year 4


We have just stopped for lunch at Ambleside (about 20 minutes from the youth hostel). The children enjoyed the stunning view of the lake in the sunshine. We will spend the afternoon doing activities on the grounds of the youth hostel. We are having a brilliant time in the Lake District and the weather is amazing. We had our lunch overlooking Lake Windermere watching the boats and then we drove on to Hawkshead. After excitedly finding our rooms, we spent the afternoon doing different science and geography activities. Now we can use a compass to find the direction we are facing and we can make our own sketch maps of the area. When we investigated the minibeasts in the woods, we found different types of invertebrates and even baby newts. We woke up to sunshine and a beautiful view of the lake from our Youth Hostel. After a delicious breakfast, we took the coach to Keswick. There we looked around the town centre to compare it to Seacroft and we did a survey to find out why people visit the Lake District. We counted lots of cafes and outdoor clothing shops in Keswick and people told us they visit for the scenery. Our final activity of the afternoon was a boat trip on Derwent Water. 
We got lots of compliments about the excellent behaviour of everyone and we had a fantastic residential. Well done everyone, we are very proud of you. 

London - Year 5

Pupil Testimonial
"I had the greatest 3 days of my life! My favourite thing was lion king read on to find out more about London." 
Day 1 
At half past 6 in the morning, we started a journey to London. Suddenly, the adventure started at the Imperial War Museum with my friends who were excited to learn more about World War 2. I loved seeing the weaponry and artillery –guns, fighter planes, bullets, submarine weaponry – used in World War 2. Even though this was the first time most of my friends had seen these items but was still amazed. I spent the rest of my time reflecting on what I have learned in class. Not long after we rode into the heart of London. The first sculpture I identified was the London Eye! My excitement-that was already high-grew knowing I was going on the London Eye. Although some of my friends were scared at first, they rode to the top of London to see the beautiful sights. It was a fun day! We went to pizza express after, and it was scrumptious. 

Day 2 
At the beginning of the day, we went to the science museum, we first went to the gift shop then we went to the science area. We first saw the fantastic performance. And then played in the Wonder Lab for a bit. Later we drove to the British museum we saw ancient sculptures. They were remarkably interesting. For our meal we ventured to the Jungle Cave. Throughout our meal the statues of animals were moving. It made me feel like I was in the jungle! 
Freya and Ethan 
"Me and my friends had the best time in London."