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Class 6

10th May


Class 6 had a fantastic time at The Deep on Thursday. We absolutely loved seeing all the underwater animals and we were really lucky that the stingray came to the glass and said hello for so long! 

3rd May


Class 6 have done some brilliant outdoor maths where we represented different numbers using all the different manipulatives. We also investigated what sorts of animals and plants were living in the tree outside our classroom. We saw lots of ladybirds! Well done to our certificate winners this week on their excellent effort!

26th April


Class 6 have worked extremely hard this week! We have been trying to learn our 2, 5 and 10s off by heart. We also created a Victorian seaside advert with Shine. Well done to this week's certificate winners!

19th April


Class 6 has had a great start to the summer term. We have had our pre-launch and launch lesson and thought about what we wanted to learn more about. We also had a session with Artis where we performed an advert for going to the seaside in Victorian times. Well done to this week's certificate winners

22nd March

This week we built dens that an explorer might need to stay in if they were out on an adventure. We were very pleased with our finished design!

Well done to Noah, Rebeka, Aubrey and Lewan on your certificates this week!

23rd February


Class 6 did some excellent outdoor learning where we represented the 7 continents of the world using different materials.

2nd February


This week we did some drama and singing all about Neil Armstrong and the Apollo 11 mission with Shine! We also visited the Stardome to learn even more about Space and it was great! 

26th January


This week we had the Skipping School in to teach us how to skip! We found it quite tricky at first but we are getting a lot better! 

19th January


We have worked extremely hard this week in Class 6. In maths we have been learning fractions and we went outside to show our understanding of halves. Well done to Paulina, Rebeka, Poppie-Mai and Lucan on your certificates this week! 

12th January


Class 6 have had a great start to the new year and term. We have been learning to divide in maths and have been predicting what might happen in our new story. We have started our new topic, 'Explorers' and we have decided we really want to learn more about Space. Well done to Aubrey, Taya and Kimberley for your certificates this week.


15th December


This week we finished sewing our South African hand puppets which we are very proud of! We also had a visitor from D side to teach us all about being safe online. Well done to Riley, Paulina and Harry for your excellent writing and winning this week's certificates!

1st December


This week we explored different puppets because we are going to be sewing our own African animal puppet! We have started to learn to see but we found it quite tricky. We also went to the library and chose some great books to read in class. Well done to this week's certificate winners. 

24th November


Class 6 have had a brilliant week! We have made our own 3D maps of South Africa which we are very proud of. We also had a great day on Wednesday for 'World Day' where we made animal homes, created our own Earth art and learnt a song with Shine! Well done to Jacob, Ellie and Harry for your certificates this week. 

17th November


Class 6 have been working very hard this week. We were lucky to have Matthew Bellwood in to tell us an African story called 'Awungelama' which we also acted out after too. Well done to this week's certificate winners!

10th November


We had a great few days to start Autumn 2. All the children have worked really hard to learn their 2 times tables.


Certificate Winners:


⭐️Well done to Harry, Kimberley and Jason on your certificates this week!⭐️

27th October


Class 6 have had a great last week of this half term. We were very busy getting everything ready for our Black History Assembly on Thursday. We have also been retelling The Greedy Zebra story and learning our 2 x tables. Well done on all the children who have been reading 3 x a week this term and well done to Harriett, Lucan and Niamh on this week's certificates. 

20th October


This week we have produced some artwork based on our topic 'South Africa'. We are very proud of our South African printing! We have also been practising our ball skills in P.E.

13th October


We had a fantastic time at The Yorkshire Wildlife Park on Tuesday! We got to see some giraffes, lions, polar bears and a leopard! Well done to Lewan, Ellie, Emily, Paulina and Bobby for working so hard this week and winning our class certificates!

6th October


Class 6 have done some brilliant outdoor maths this week to help us learn number bonds to 10 and 20. Well done to this week's certificate winners for working so hard!

29th September


This week we made friendship bracelets for each other in PSHE. On Friday, we had 'French Day' which we enjoyed and we learned heads, shoulders knees and toes in French! Well done to this week's certificate winners. 

22nd September

8th September


Class 6 have had a brilliant first week in Year 2! We have started our new topic 'South Africa' and we are looking forward to learning more about what it's like to go there. Well done to this week's certificate winners!