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Religious Education (RE)

At Beechwood, the RE curriculum is rooted in the school’s underlying aims, ethos and values. It is carefully designed to equip our pupils with the knowledge, skills and attitudes about different belief systems that exist in our society and the wider world, that will both prepare them for the next stage in their education and enable them to live successful lives in the present and future.
The statutory syllabus is decided locally by a Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education (SACRE). This syllabus is supported by a range of units of work from the West Yorkshire Resources Hub which Beechwood use to deliver the teaching of Religious Education.


The Beechwood RE curriculum aims to:

  • develop pupils’ understanding of world faiths and other beliefs, exploring their commonality and diversity.
  • nurture pupils’ awareness of the treasury of diversity as well as sensitivity to the questions and challenges that different views and cultures can present.

Religious Education at Beechwood



Children are made aware of similarities and differences between different religious and cultural communities in this country through our Celebrations topic. They have shared their own experiences of celebrations such as Eid and have prepared questions to ask other members of our school community about their experiences. We have enhanced our reading area to reflect the range of religions and cultures in this country.

Year 1

Year One pupils have been learning about caring in different religions. They made their own caring tunnel outside.

On this slideshow, there is a selection of photographs that show RE at Beechwood.

Useful Links

Christianity is focussed on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, who Christians believe to be the Son of God. Christians believe that God sent Jesus to live as a human being in order to save humanity from the consequences of its sins - the bad things humanity had chosen to do which had separated them from God.
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Buddhism started in India over 2,500 years ago.  Buddhists follow the teachings of a man called Siddhattha Gotama. He became known as the Buddha, which means 'enlightened'.
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The word 'Islam' in Arabic means submission to the will of God.  Followers of Islam are called Muslims. Muslims believe there is one true God Allah (the Arabic word for God).  Muslims believe that Islam was revealed over 1,400 years ago in Mekkah, Arabia through a man called Muhammad.  Muhammad is believed by Muslims to be the last prophet sent by God (Allah). They believe God sent prophets to mankind to teach them how to live according to His law.
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Sikhism was founded by Guru Nanak around 500 years ago in a place called the Punjab. Sikhs believe in one God who guides and protects them. They believe everyone is equal before God. Sikhs believe that your actions are important and you should lead a good life. 
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