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Class 7

21st January


Year 3 have been finding out more about the world and particularly the United Kingdom this week too. We know the East of the UK is flat and the North and the West has more hills and mountains. We also found out the names of the 3 longest rivers are the Thames, the Trent and the Severn and that Mount Snowden in Wales is taller than ten Big Bens!
What else can you find out to teach to the rest of the class? Use the home learning grids to help you.

Here are the children who have earned certificates and prizes so far this half term for excellent Maths, Geography and English work. They are learning to explain their work to others and always try their best. Well done everyone 🙂

14th January


We have started thinking about our new topic in Year 3 and deciding what we would like to find out more about. We are very interested in the world so we are looking forward to learning more about it. We have started to think about what we could do in our community to and we are already interested in helping with the litter problem, learning about recycling and planting trees and flowers.

7th January


Here is our finished artwork based on part of the Anglo-Saxon story Beowulf. Here are our ideas about the hall that King Hrothgar lived in when the monster came. We hope you enjoy looking at our work.

26th November

Year 3 loved visiting Meanwood Valley Farm to explore soil and find out what it is made of for our science topic. We didn't realise that dirt, mud and soil are all words for the same thing and we had no idea that soil could be thousands of years old. We tried to make our own soil by collecting twigs, dead leaves, tiny rocks, bits of sand and water but we couldn't make soil. Then we discovered that everything we had needed insects and lots of time to break all the pieces down to create soil to grow things in. 

19th November


We had great fun on Friday and we raised a lot of money for Children in Need. Thank you so much for your generous donations. Look at our expert bakers - we were very impressed with how carefully the cakes and buns were decorated and they tasted delicious too. Well done to everyone who took part.
We had some excellent colourings handed in too and we enjoyed a fun sports afternoon outside.

5th November 


We had a brilliant time doing our own Roman research into the areas we were interested in. Some children wanted to find out more about Roman banquets and other children wanted to find out more about weapons and the army. We decided to make things to show our learning so we followed Roman recipes or made Roman weapons to help us practise different battle moves. What do you think of our final outcomes?

Well done to everyone who has received certificates and prizes over the last few weeks. 🙂

14th October

We are becoming history experts in Year 3 so today we began to learn about Roman Britain and how the Romans changed life for the Iron Age people living here in 43AD. Flavia helped us explore different reconstructed sources so we could find out about daily life in a Roman town. The teachers worked very hard to try and beat the children as we looked at each source to work out what it told us.  Ask your children what happened in the Roman Baths,  what Roman shops were like and what they learned about Roman toilets. We had great fun playing Roman games to learn Roman numerals and using an ink pen to learn to write in Latin.

7th October

Today we had the first session of the intergenerational project that we are taking part in this year. We carried out different activities and thought about the sort of activities we would like to do in our link with a local care home.  We have postcards ready to send and we are looking forward to getting a reply.

24th September

We are very impressed with how hard the children are working in Year 3. This week we have been finding out more about the Stone Age and we have written notes to help us write our own reports. Some children have been busy researching and making Stone Age pieces of work at home too. In Art, we started thinking about Stone Age cave paintings being some of the first types of art. We used chalk and charcoal to make our own Stone Age drawings and we went to draw outside to feel what drawing on stone was like.

Well done to everyone who has achieved certificates and prizes over the last few weeks. 🙂

10th September

We had a really successful beginning to Year 3 because we had a visit from a history expert to teach us all about the Stone Age for our Invaders and Settlers topic. Everyone found it really interesting exploring the different objects that she brought in to find out what life was like in Britain thousands of years ago.  We found out that Stone Age people hunted different wild animals and they created their own tools to catch them. They used stone and bone to make tools that helped them survive. Look at the photos to see some of the things that we did.