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Year 3

Earth Day 2024


This week, Year 3 enjoyed taking part in some different activities for Earth Day. We looked at different ways we can help to look after our planet and made our own pledges. Year 3 had a special visitor who taught us some interesting facts about electricity and showed us how solar panels work. We also performed a new song with Shine all about the wonders of Earth and how important it is that we look after our planet. 

Earth Day Poem

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Year 3 learnt a poem about Earth Day.

Biodiversity Week


Year 3 decided to develop an area of grass near the KS2 playground to improve the biodiversity in our area. Year 5 had already been outside to investigate and they had told us that where there was no shelter or flowers, there were no insects. We researched how to make different mini-beast homes and we collected twigs, pinecones and leaves to help us. As we wanted to attract a range of creatures, we created shelters on the ground and made bug hotels. We found out it is important to have water in an area so we added some containers for that too. Over time, We hope that we will spot different birds and insects. We plan to add more flowers to this area by keeping some of the grass long so that bees and butterflies come here to get pollen.

World Day Wednesday


On Wednesday 22nd November, every child in the school participated in the first-ever, ‘World Day Wednesday’. The focus for this term was ‘Wonderful Woodlands All About Trees’. This was a special day to communicate about the climate where we learned about the importance of trees for our world, both now and in the future. Throughout the day, every child had the opportunity to join a session with Shine from Artis who taught us a very special song. She wrote the song especially for World Day Wednesday and it was called, Our Earth Day Song. Mr Wilson from Premier Sports led a session with each class on the playground to teach us about the impact that being outside can have on our wellbeing. A group of musicians also did a nature-themed performance to help us think about how the environment can be reflected in music. In addition, we enjoyed completing the Tree-mendous Tree Trail around the school grounds. Using a map and an identification key, children found a wide range of different trees around the site. Using clues such as the shape and colour of leaves, children were able to identify the trees and if they were evergreen or deciduous. Every class also took part in a range of different activities with their teachers. Years 3 and 4 enjoyed using different leaves, twigs and berries to create environmental art outside. They also adopted a tree to study and note the changes throughout the seasons. Years 5 and 6 tried to calculate the age of some trees on the school grounds. They also created some beautiful artwork based around a tree in the four seasons using watercolours. As part of the day, we learned that if we take care of our trees and forests, they will take care of us. People say: that trees are the lungs of the earth. They clean the air, purify water, and provide food and shelter for all living things. We can’t live without them! But if we don’t protect them, they won’t be able to do their job. They take decades to grow big enough to be able to do all of these things. Not to mention, when trees are in a forest, they become far more than just the sum of their parts. We discovered that’s why it’s so important that we don’t just save trees, but protect our forests. When we do, we’ll have more than just beautiful scenery. We’ll also have cleaner air, purer water, and healthier people.