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At Beechwood, the PSHE curriculum is rooted in the school’s underlying aims, ethos and values. It is carefully designed to equip our pupils with the knowledge, skills and vocabulary they need to understand and discuss the importance of their physical and mental health, that will both prepare them for the next stage in their education and enable them to live successful lives in the present and future.

The Beechwood PSHE curriculum aims to:

  • ensure all pupils develop a coherent knowledge and understanding of personal, social and health education including physical and emotional well-being. 
  • teach children to understand the key concepts and ideas in PSHE in order to support them to be successful in life.
  • equip children with skills to be resilient, confident and independent and help them know how to keep physically and mentally healthy. 

This Year

In the Autumn term, Year 3 complete the full My Mental Health Rocks lessons which embeds the 5 superpowers and how they can help us in our daily life:
•    Calm
•    Creativity
•    Confidence
•    Resilience
•    Wisdom
After the success of the My Mental Health Rocks project last year we have welcomed Sarah Rumfitt and Louise Siriwetchaphan back into school to broaden and deepen the children’s understanding of the 5 superpowers. Throughout the year, they will hold workshops for children in KS2 on the 5 superpowers. In these workshops, the children’s thoughts and feelings are gathered and then a play is written using their ideas and then performed by actors for all the children. The plays showcased how we use these superpowers in our everyday life to help us with our mental health. 

PSHE Lessons


Although there are elements of PSHE lessons which are embedded within the school ethos, each class has weekly PSHE lessons. During these lessons we cover a range of topics:
•    Identity, Society and Equality
•    Mental health and Emotional Well-being
•    Keeping Safe and Managing Risk
•    Physical Health and Well-being
•    Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco Education
•    Sex and Relationship Education
•    Careers, Financial Capability and Economic Well-being

Mindmate lessons

At the beginning of each half-term, each class takes part in a Mindmate lesson. These lessons are part of an emotional literacy curriculum designed to support class-based discussions and learning around mental health and well-being. They cover a range of topics including: 
•    Strong Emotions
•    Life Changes
•    Feeling Good and Being Me
•    Being the Same and Being Different
•    Friends and Family
•    Solving Problems (and making it better)

Visitors to enhance our provision

Years 5 and 6 participate in a workshop run by our local PCSO. She delivers a lesson all about how to keep safe, reporting to safe adults and the consequences of weapon-related crimes.  Through PSHE lessons, assemblies and the wider curriculum we strive to prepare our pupils for the transition to high school and increased independence. 
D-Side continue to come into school to support out topics on ‘Internet Safety’ and ‘Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco’

Anti-bullying Week

The focus of Anti-Bullying week this year was ‘One kind word’.  To start the week, all children watched an Anti Bullying assembly before participating in different supportive activities in class. On Monday the children took part in Odd Sock Day. We had a great display of ‘Odd Socks’ around the school!

Transition workshops


In Year 6 we hold transition workshops to support them with the move to High School. The workshops cover self-care, reflecting on positives, learning styles and useful links to support.

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