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Bikeability experience

By: Poppy, Tommy and James



My experience at bikeability was very exciting and fun. Over the time, we did many exciting activities like: going on roads, practising U-turns and playing the traffic game. All of us were proud of ourselves.


Day one

On day one, we had to go past a line of cones to see how well we could ride. When we got close to the finish, they would shout our favourite animal to see how fast we could stop. For safety, we had to wear a helmets incase we fell. The bike seat, was either raised or lowered depending on our height.


Day two

Then we set off around the playground to play the traffic game. The traffic game is where there is 3 lanes one is a outside 1 is a outside lane and lane 2 is a inside lane and 3 is a outside lane. The person on the inside had to give way for anyone in the outside lane that is coming. It was very creative! Even Though I almost fell down while changing gear, it was very fun to do!


Day three

On day three, we finally started on the road. We rode around for a bit then we went into a neighbourhood and practised doing U-turns. At times, cars would come and we would have to stop. We also went on a main roads! After all that, we go certificates.




Herd Farm Trip Blog


We are still buzzing about our recent school trip on the 15th to the 17th of may. We did breathtaking activities, that required a lot of bravery . From ruling the night to flying down the zipline and concerning archery. Read on to find out our great time at Herd Farm.


Day 1

As we arrived,butterflies flew in my stomach.With this great day we had a well cooked,delicious tea (sausages and chips).Unfortunately, we had to make our beds.What felt like an extremely long walk, witch was apparently a night walk.Even Though it was a night walk, It was still light.Then we went to bed (we stayed up late).I had a great sleep, even though we stayed up till about 2:00.


Day 2

As we woke up to witness an amazingly fun day, we were really excited. After that,we had breakfast, which was toast and cereal. At 10:00 am we did our first activities. (they were so fun).I did the most fun activity-zipline. We finally had our last activity which felt like years. Next we had tea. The dinner, which was a roast dinner, was delicious.


Day 3

It was my birthday on this day!By far it was my favourite day because I did the zipline!We went to the playroom and i gave out sweets.Then we got on the coach.When we got back we handed everything out.


By Ruby and Otis



Herd Farm Residential


We went on a residential trip for 2 nights! I'm still excited from our recent trip to the herd farm.We were all daredevils who chose to stay away from our parents. From zooming down the zipline to being blind folded at the night line.To our hearts pounding from crate stacking. Over the three days we fit in so many things. Read on to find out more.


Crate stacking

As we made our way to crate stacking we noticed how fun it would be. Crate stacking which I was last to do - was super fun. Unfortunately, you could only go up to 12. If you got to 12 someone would push the crates so that you would fall. You were strapped onto a string and when you fell you will be floating.



Ziplining was my favourite because you went down at 15 mph and when you got to the end you flung like you're doing a front flip. Eventually, it was my turn to go down. Jimmy - who strapped us in- strapped me in on tightly telling me I was safe to go. At the bottom, We was greeted by sophie - who unstrapped us - asking if my ride was good. Obviously I said yes!



Archery was one of my favourites in a row. Before we did anything we had to put an arm guard on so we don't rip our clothes!



At first I was really excited but then I realised we had a long way ahead of us. The walk was 30 minutes long! As we walked it felt like years had passed. We walked while Emmerdale was filmed. It was so cool. As we walked past a gloomy,dark forest I wanted to go in.


This was the best trip ever! I really enjoyed it!


By Alexis and Charlie Pockett





Before long we did Bikeability. Each group had 3 lessons! We were so excited for it because we challenged ourselves on tight corners.The next day we went on the roads.


Day One

Day one,we were on the playground going through cones like we were on a roundabout which we made.We learnt snaking around the playground and had to stay in order.It was so fun when we did it.


Day Two

When we were doing this it felt like a new chapter. Everyone had fun on the ride but it was hard at some point. Day two brought us on the street.Even though i was scared, it was still really fun.The instructors taught us how to do a u turn and look for cars. I was not bad at it even though it was tricky at times.We all got through the lasted all afternoon it was tiring!


Day 3

All morning we went on a ride around seacroft which was tiring! We all loved! It felt like years but we got through it. Soon after, we was done. WE got a badge and a certificate.


By Finley and Peter




Oliver Twist Theatre Trip


We were at the theatre for 2 hours. We left the school at 12 o'clock as it was getting late. During the 15 minute break, we had time to go to the toilet and have a drink. The first part of the show was cool because Oliver asked for more food and he ran under the table.


Part 1

All of the kid characters were at the pretend lunch table having soup. Unfortunately Oliver was still hungry and asked for more. Part 1 was really cool and straight after it finished everyone had a break. Luckly, everyone got biscuits while we chatted a bit. We had to put the biscuits down as the ending began.


The seats were really comfy and they were red. Ending When we got back to school, the teachers called out our names and our parents picked us up. The day was really fun!


By Holly and Conner




Herd Farm Trip Blog


Day One

At 2.00 pm on wednesday, everyone, who on herd farm trip got on the coach On the bus trip, we listened to taylor swift which i didn't like. When we got there we dumped our stuff in the glass hall way. Excitedly we went out side to play. Ones we got back inside we made our beds (which was a struggle). Ones we did our beds, we went to have our tea (sausage and beans with a side of chips). After we ate, mathew took us on a night walk. It felt as if we were in a dream. Later on, we went into the dark, gloomy woods with a rocky, dangerous path that could make you slip any moment. Finally we avoided the last obstacle the quite neighbourhood. When we eventually got back to herd farm, my legs were aking. We got ready Nathon, Logan, Adam and Bryson came in to play (murder mystery).


Day Two

We were ecstatic because we were gonna do activities, we rushed to get breakfast. The first activity that I did was night line, then  orienteering which was like a maze. The final activities was crate stacking and zipline.


Day three

We did archery wich was so fun the bulls eye was so coolant amazing. We went to dinner and ate pasta. After we got all our stuff and went to go home.


By Charlie and 




Oliver Theatre Trip Blog


At our school, we went to watch Oliver twist for 2 hours. The theatre was very massive. We set off at 12 o' clock. The show was very awesome, it felt like you were in the show. Many schools went to the oliver show because of our behaviour. We found our seats and sat down. All of the charters started to come out. As the show started, Oliver got separated from his mother Unfortunately everyone was sobbing in tears. As oliver was taken by Mr Bumble, the whole theater screamed at him. Even though he was taken away, we knew Oliver would be okay. During the break, we all went to the toilet and got to eat snacks. The snacks were biscuits. 


I had a fantastic time on the trip


By Sebar and Azariah

Earth and Space Topic

Earth Day Poem

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Earth Day Song

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As part of Earth Day, we had a special lesson with Shine where we learned our Earth Day song.

Earth day song with shine

Stars of the week


Star of the Week

Biodiversity week


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International Woman’s Day

World Book Day

Star of the week


Today Matthew Bellwood came into school to teach us about the Home Front. We were able to see what life was like for people in WW2 in Britain during The Blitz through taking part in an reenactment.


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Star of the week

In Artis this week, we created a dance about children, who worked in the workhouse in the Victorian era.


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World Day

World Day

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Armley Mills Tri


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Armley Mills Trip

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Weekly Stars

Performance Poetry

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Performance Poetry

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Performance Poetry

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Library Visit

Today, Class 11 was part of a Victorian Workshop With Matthew Bellwood. The children participated in some Victorian games and learned about the first film, Victorian songs and stories.

Star’s Of The Week

Our Stars of the Week!

What a great start to the year! These are our Stars of the Week.