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Class 13

Today, we were learning how to find the area and perimeter of compound shapes. Class 14 was turned into a puzzle room with tables used to set up different compound shapes. We had a great time calculating missing measures and writing on the tables!

Friday 9th February

Children’s Mental Health Week 2024


This week is Children’s Mental Health Week and we have celebrated throughout the week at Beechwood! We started the week with an assembly where we listened to a story and learned about Children’s Mental Health Week. We then finished the week with another assembly where we had a special performance from the Beechwood choir and band who performed Sam Ryder’s ‘Mountain’.


Friday 2nd February

Class 13 Awards


Well done to this week’s award winners!

Tuesday 30th January

School Council Assembly


The school councillors for each class spoke to us in an assembly. They spoke about democracy and how they are taking the ideas everyone has given them and will be putting some of the ideas into action.

Wednesday 24th January

Leeds United Foundation Workshop



Today we had a PSHE workshop with someone from the Leeds United Foundation. We thought about making good choices in the future by playing games and doing an electronic quiz!

Class 13 Awards

Well done to this week’s certificate winners!

Spring Newsletter and Home Learning Grid

Year 6 Girls Football Tournament


Our Year 6 girls took place in a football tournament organised by Leeds United Foundation Trust.  We had a brilliant day where we bonded, developed our teamworking and our resilience skills.


There were over twenty schools in the competition.  Overall, we won 4, dew 1 and lost 1 of our games.  We made it to the Uefa Cup!


We had a great day








Day of the Dead Workshop


Today, Class 13 worked with Matthew Bellwood to learn all about the Mexican festival Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). We decorated sugar skulls, made masks, created ofrendas and learnt about this special celebration.





Herd Farm Certificates



Everyone who went to Herd Farm received a certificate to remember their time!

Class 13 Awards


Well done to this week’s certificate winners!

Class 13 Awards

Well done to this week’s certificate winners!


Harvest Festival

Thank you to everyone who brought in donations for Harvest Festival! Today we enjoyed a Harvest Festival assembly where we saw all of the amazing things that were donated and learnt why we celebrate Harvest.



Year 6 Autumn Newsletter 23