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13th March


This week we have continued our work about Cinderella. We have been planning a ball and making lists of things we will need for our ball. We have also been writing invitations. Next week we will have a ball in our class! We have also been busy building castles and have created a great castle role play area outside. In maths we have been learning about measure. We have compared the length of objects and have been measuring objects in our classroom in different ways -with ribbons, cubes, tape measure and rulers.

6th March


This week we have celebrated book week. We dressed up as a character from a book on Monday and we had some amazing costumes! On Wednesday we had a fantastic workshop about Cinderella run by Tiny Tales and Tunes. We retold the story through dance, drama and music. It was lots of fun! We have been learning about 3 dimensional shape in maths and we walked around the school grounds hunting for shapes! We have used recycled packaging to build model castles.

28th February


We have had a wonderful school trip to The Rainbow Factory. The children were absolute superstars and their behaviour was fantastic. We watched a performance based on traditional tales and then we did some fun workshops involving storytelling, drama and crafts. We have been busy writing recounts of our trip.

14th February


We have been learning about The Gingerbread Man this week. The story is very similar in structure to The Runaway Pancake. The children have created story maps and we have been making gingerbread men out of salt dough.

7th February


After reading The Three Little Pigs we were very interested in the character of the wolf. Last week our focus text was Mr Wolf's Pancake which made us look at the character of the wolf in a different way. Mr Wolf uses a recipe to make pancakes and we were keen to do this too! This week our focus text was The Runaway Pancake. It is very like the story of the gingerbread man and we have had lots of fun having pancake races outside! We have written our own pancake recipes and made pancakes and added the toppings we had chosen.

24th January


In Class 1 we have been very busy designing and making our new roleplay area. We have made a theatre with a stage, curtains, a popcorn kiosk, masks, costumes, programmes and tickets! We have had so much fun acting out the Traditional Tales we have been learning. Outside we have made the Three Little Pigs building site and have had a great time acting out the story and building houses for the pigs. We have been making story maps for The Three Little Pigs. Some children have built amazing models of the little pigs' houses at home and brought them in to show us!

13th December


We have had a very busy week performing our Christmas Concert. We were all superstars! Thank you so much for all your support in coming to watch us, providing costumes and practising lines! We have also done lots of other Christmas related activities this week.

6th December


We have had a literacy focus this week and we have been using the book Owl Babies as a basis for oral retelling of the story, story mapping and writing. We have done roleplay of the story on a large scale outside and we built our own big nest! We had done lots of owl based arts and crafts. We have also been learning the nativity story using a book called Little Owl and the Star.


29th November

We have been busy rehearsing for our Christmas concert this week. We have done lots off work about the Nativity Story, retelling it and acting it out. Our classroom has been becoming more Christmassy this week too! We have been learning about shape in maths this week.

21st November


We have been learning about doctors, nurses and paramedics as part of our Ourselves and Our Community topic. We were very lucky to have a visit from a paramedic who is a Beechwood parent. He brought his ambulance to show us. We were able to sit in the front, turn the siren on and off and go up on the ramp on the back.  We really enjoyed it and learned so much. We made our own model ambulance when we got back to class.

15th November
We have continued with our topic work this week. Our topic is Ourselves and Our Community and we are focussing on people who help us within our community this half term. We have learnt all about fire fighters and done some fire fighter role play. We have also made models of fire engines and buildings which we added to our small world area.


8th November
This week we have been very busy. We have been sharing our experiences of Bonfire Night. We have also learnt about Diwali, the Hindu festival of light.  We have also been learning about Remembrance Day and we have done lots of poppy activities, for example printing poppies with paint and decorating poppy biscuits.

4th October


In Class 1 we have been doing lots of learning about our families. We have looked at photographs of our families and represented them in different ways: collage, painting, drawing, playdough and peg dolls. We have also read stories and information books about families. We have also been learning about rhyming and have really enjoyed the rhyming book Oi Frog by Kes Gray. It was our first stay and play session this week and we had a great turn out!

20th September


We have had a great week in Class 1. We have started our phonics sessions and have learned the letter sounds m,a,s,d and t. In maths we have been learning all about the number 2. We have added new pages to the class number book we are making. Our topic this term is Ourselves and our community. We have been looking at our faces in the mirror and painting and making self portraits.