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Herd Farm adventures

Hello readers! It’s Carrick and Leah (pupils of year 5) bringing you another exhilarating blog update. This shall be the best one yet! We are going to tell you all about our extraordinary trip for our residential at Herd Farm. 


The centre

Herd Farm, which is available to hire for schools all over Britain, includes many different rooms. This contains a game room on the second floor, dining room and much more. In the kitchen, we needed to clean the tables, floors and wash the dishes. The game room had games from pool to jenga. If you come here, you never run out of things to do.



As soon as you get there, and put your stuff away, you go out into the dining room with handmade tables and chairs. There is a variety of different food options for example pizza and chips. The chef had a five star rating which is why the food was delighted. Amazingly, we had pudding after most meals but we had all of it after tea.



Amazing adventures at Herd Farm

Hello to all. Bella and Jack here today (with another blog). Today, we will be talking about our amazing trip to Herd Farm. Many people enjoyed the trip; read on to find out more!


The Centre 

Herd Farm, which consists of very old buildings, has lots of rooms and interesting places. The first room we were introduced to was the games room. We knew we would love it.



The first activity we will be talking about is the zip wires (which were very fun). We each wore a harness and buckled in, walked off the edge and we went 27 mph. The next activity was crate stacking which was also very fun. We had to stack crates and we were later pushed down by our friends.



Kailagh and Jorgie’s residential blog

Hello readers! It’s Kailagh and Jorgie and we are talking about our amazing residential to Herd farm. This is a blog about our year 5 residential.

The centre

Herd farm, which had many activities including many different rooms. My favourite of these rooms was the games room. In the games room, there was table football and connect four you will never get bored.

The activities

There was a pitch where we could play football. One of the other activities was the zip wire, which went 27mph, and we wore a harness.



Biking with year 5

Hi everyone! Today, we are writing about biking with year 5. Yes, you heard it right! Today, we are going to teach you how to ride a bike safely [and have fun]. Before we started riding the bikes, the instructor checked our brakes, tyres, seat chain and the handlebars. After this, we put on our helmets to be safe.


After a short while, we were ready to get onto our bikes! We started riding up and the while trying to balance. Some other kids went on the roads down near to the shops


After we learned how to ride confidentially, we were taught how to do the hand signals and stop at junctions.



Herd farm residential centre

Hello friends! It`s us, your favourite bloggers (Lacey and Shelby) here, to update you on another blog. We will be writing about year five`s first residential at Herd Farm.



Herd Farm, which is a beautiful site, includes a range of cabin-like rooms, such as the bedrooms and the dining hall. Our favourite was the bedroom because it was like a big sleep over room and it was really warm and cosy. Secondly, the dining room was also a favourite because there was a five star chef, delicious food and puddings (including the brownie).



The activities were fun. We did the Zip wire, create stacking, archery and the night walk. For the Zip wire, we wore a harness and wires connected us. Did you know the Zip Wire went 27 mph? We thought it could be scary. The crate stacking was fun. We needed to work together in pairs. In archery, we needed to try to get bullseye. Two of us went up at the same time and we both tried to get our best scores possible. On the night walk, we got to see where Emmerdale was filmed and we saw a beautiful view.



The first amazing residential this year!

Hello fellow readers! Its Kaiden and Lily (class 11 students) bringing you another amazing blog update. In this exiting blog, we will be talking about the first residential in year 5!


The centre

Herd farm, which is built on a huge site, includes many rooms. There is a games room, dining room, bedroom and many more! My favourite was the games room. In the games room, you could play piano, table football, jenga and more! Each bedroom was named after a different bird of prey.


The food 

The dining room was decorated with mosaics and posters. On the first day of Heard Farm, we knew that we should eat something so we had chicken. On the last day of the residential, we had sausages.



Our brilliant biking

Hello reader! This evening, we have a spectacular blog update. The update is all about year 5’s Bikeability course (from Oscar and Lyla). 


How to ride a bike

As soon as we went on the playground, they taught us how to stay safe on our bikes. The first thing we checked was if the tires had enough air inside. Next, we put on our helmets and tested if they fit and tested the brakes. When we thought we were ready to set off, we started riding around the playground.


Bike safety

We had wear a helmet whilst riding our bikes in case of crashing and falling. If we were on the road, we had to also remember to signal right (if turning right). As soon as we were going to set off, we stood on the clean side because of the chain. We knew we needed to try to go on the road. They also taught us ABCSS, which stood for air, brakes, chain, steel and steer.



Herd Farm: Beginners Guide

Hello everyone! It’s Rayan and Nevaeh, students of Year 5, bringing another elating blog to you. Throughout this blog, we will be mentioning our residential excursion to Herd Farm.


The Centre

Herd Farm, which consists of many different rooms, is very fun to be in. Our number 1 room was definitely the bedrooms were named after a different bird of prey. Rayan slept in Sparrow hawk, while Nevaeh stayed in Little Owl. Whilst in our cosy bedrooms, we played with each other and kept all our items there.


The Food

Every day, the staff at the farm provided us many different scrumptious treats. Whether it was sausages, pizza or chips, the food was always high quality. They also granted us many different beverages such as apple, orange and blackcurrant juice. For every meal (apart from breakfast) we had a delicious pudding served with it.


The Activities

Due to the activities, Herd Farm could be the best residential site in the UK. The activities we did were night walking, a zip line, leap of faith, archery and an assault course. Our favourite was by far the zip line as it was super-fast. It felt like we were birds flying through the sky. 



Hello readers, Zac and Ashton (year 5 students) here back with another blog. In this blog, we will be writing all about Herd Farm in year 5.


The centre

Herd Farm, which covers a lot of land, including buildings and rooms. My favourite was the game room, which included table football, and pool. We never got bored.

The activities

We took turns doing different activities during the day. The activities included crate stacking, zip lining, archery and assault course. Sometimes we even played football on the football pitch. After all our meals, we had to clean up after ourselves.



What is Herd Farm?

Herd Farm is a wonderful and exciting centre that used to be a farm but is now a place for children to go on a residential. On Wednesday 4th of May, we went on the coach to go to Herd Farm. Did you know that the bedrooms used to be a horse stable? What creativity to make it into a room!


The Activities

The activities were the best thing about Herd Farm. There were lots of them to do such as a zip wire, leap of faith, crate stack, archery, assault course and many more. You would never get bored of them. There was safety gear to keep us protected too. Interestingly, Herd Farm boosted our confidence!


Year 5 residential

Home Learning Grid

We have begun our India topic with an exciting pre-launch and launch lesson. We recapped our geographical skills and knowledge from previous years at Beechwood. We also generated questions for our new topic which we would like to investigate. 

DT projects

Well done to everyone who completed a home learning task this term!

25th March

18th March

World Book Day

4th February

We have been working in groups to find out how any why WW2 started and how people in the United Kingdom reacted to the news. We used various secondary sources to find quotes from real people living and experiencing the outbreak of war.

We also researched how Neville Chamberlain and Winston Churchill reacted to the invasion of Poland.


Please listen to our broadcasts below:

Broadcast group 2.mp3

Broadcast group 1.mp3

Broadcast group 3.mp3

28th January

21st January

Amazing home learning

Our World War Two session with Matthew Bellwood

Using maps to locate counties

7th January

14th January

Our new TSU topic for the Spring term is WW2.  We started the topic with our pre launch lesson where we looked at the time periods we have already studied (this helped us to place WW2 on a timeline).  We briefly looked at the causes of WW1 which in turn led to the start of WW2.  In our launch lesson we then collaborated as a class to formulate our 10 investigation questions that we are going to research this term.  The first lesson in the topic was a Geography task where we had to look at a map of the world and identify the Allies and Axis powers and place them on our own map.  We researched the capital cities and the leaders of the countries at the time of the war.  We then investigated the main UK cities that were targeted in the Blitz and identified these on a UK map alongside areas that children were evacuated to.  

We were also lucky enough to take part in a WW2 Home Front workshop with Matthew Bellwood where we looked at evacuation, the role of people who were still in Britain at the time of the war as well as rationing and propaganda.

Queen Victoria - Part 1

Still image for this video

Queen Victoria - Part 2

Still image for this video

26th December

3rd December

19 November


Children in Need


On Thursday last week, Y5 went to Leeds Grand Theatre to watch the Northern Ballet performance of Merlin.  We were amazed by the talent of the dancers and how brilliant the set and special effects were!  On Friday in our weekly session with the Northern Ballet, we used what we had seen to inspire our dancing.  We had to create our own version of the battle scene from Merlin and we are sure you will agree that our performances were fantastic.

12th November

Last week Y5 went to the Leeds Industrial Museum where we all got the chance to take on the role of a Victorian child.  We experienced what life was like for children in the schools and also in the wool mills that were here in Leeds.

15th October


We have had a very busy week in Y5.  On Tuesday we had the chance to work with Sam and bring our Victorian tile designs to life.  We are now waiting for Sam to fire them in his kiln and then they can be glazed.  We can't wait to see our final results!


We had another successful session with Keisha and the Northern ballet on Friday.  We looked at the story of The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas and characterisation.  We will then use this to inform our performance next week.

This week we also ran our school council elections.  The children really gave it their all in their impassioned speeches.  The eventual winners for each class were Kaiden and Leah.


Congratulations to all the new school council reps 

1st October


Y5 have had a very busy week with a visit from Matthew Bellwood and also our first session with Northern Ballet as part of the RISE project. 

With Matthew, both classes had the opportunity to learn about the leisure activities the Victorians used to take part in.  We learned about how trips to the theatre, circus and events such as boxing and wrestling matches were all part of the Victorian lifestyle (for those who could afford to go). We watched a short video clip that was filmed in Roundhay Park which actually turned out to be the first-ever piece of recorded film! We also heard a few Victorian ghost tales and sang a traditional Victorian Christmas song. 

During our ballet session, we talked about our feelings and what Mental Health means to us. Using a feelings thermometer we gave ourselves a rating before the session and after the session had finished. Keisha, who is our ballet teacher, taught us a few basic ballet positions to try and we all have 100% effort which was fantastic for our teachers to see! We then had the opportunity to act out the part of the Beast from the Northern Ballet production of Beauty and the Beast. A very successful first ballet session. We can’t wait for next week! 

17th September

Welcome back, everyone!  The children in both classes have made a superb start back to the school year.  They have come back eager to learn and full of enthusiasm 🙂

We have started work on our Science topic Forces and have been investigating pull forces.  We looked at Newton meters and explored how to use them to accurately measure a force.  We are looking forward to learning more about this topic this half term.

We have also begun to read our class book Oliver Twist.  We are writing a section of the book as a play script and then will be re-writing a section of the story later in the term.  This book links to our new TSU topic: The Victorians.