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Class 1

26th March


In Reception we have been learning about Pirates as part of our Fantasy Worlds topic. 
We have built pirate ships on a large scale outside and hunted for treasure with our pirate maps. 
Indoor we have made smaller scale pirate ships and have used our metal detectors to find pirate coins with red words written on. We have also used the Beebots to find treasure. We had to program them to go in the right direction!
 We have read lots of pirate stories and learned pirate songs. We read Pirate Pete and did some Talk for Writing, learning actions to go with the story and making story maps.

11th December


We have been very busy doing lots of Christmas crafts and activities this week. We have been busy learning our Christmas songs ready to record. In maths we have been learning all about 2d and 3d shapes. Next week we will be learning about shape, space and measure by wrapping presents!

4th December


We have had a busy couple of weeks in Class 1. Last week we found out about cold countries and we made models of arctic landscapes. We also explored ice and had fun freezing objects in ice and then trying to free them! We had fun trying to melt the ice. This week we have been learning the Nativity story and have really enjoyed acting out the story. We turned our gazebo outside into a stable. We have been learning Christmas songs.

20th November


This week in Class 1 we have been using atlases and map books. We have used iPads to research different countries in the world and we have made fact files. Outside we have been creating and following our own maps. In maths we have been learning all about the number 7.

13th November


We have had a really busy week in Class 1. We have continued to learn about Diwali and have found out lots of information about India. We have also done lots of work about Remembrance day. We had a very exciting day on Friday for Children in Need!

6th November


We have been learning about Diwali as part of our Around the World topic this week. We have made diva lamps and Rangoli patterns. Diwali is a festival of light and fireworks  are an important part of this. We linked this to our experiences of fireworks. We have been talking about Bonfire Night and have done lots of writing and creative activities linked to fireworks.

25th September


We have had a really busy two weeks settling into Reception! We have made lots of new friends and have enjoyed exploring our new classroom, indoors and out. We have had all sorts of weather: sun, rain and wind and we have a great time having fun in it all! Next week we start full time and we are looking forward to lots more fun!