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Class 9

15th July 


This week, Class 9 attended an athletics competition against the other primary schools in the trust and they came first place!! They also used their sewing skills to create some appliques of landscapes in the Lake District or Leeds. Well done to this week's award winners.

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8th July

This week Class 9 had a visitor who helped the children retell the story 'Planet Omar'. They made different freeze frames to represent characters and parts of the story and played some games.

In geography, they worked in groups to create 3D maps of the Lake District. They also went on a walk around the local area so they could compare the human and physical features of Seacroft with the Lake District.

Well done to the award winners from the past 2 weeks! 🙂

24th June

This week, Class 9 started learning about time. We played a game where we had to read the time and made our own giant clocks on the playground where we worked in pairs to make the time. We also created and shared an assembly about our trip to the Lake District which you can watch here: 

17th June

This week, Class 9 have been practising sewing using different stitching techniques. They also completed their Year 4 multiplication tests and should all be very proud of themselves! 

9th June

This week class 9 have been learning about money in maths. They have been using coins and playing a range of money games on the Chromebooks in groups, pairs and independently.

27th May


This week the children participated in a range of activities to celebrate the Queen's jubilee. Thank you to the children who baked the delicious cakes we were able to taste. Well done to this week's award winners!

20th May

This week in Science, Class 9 have been learning about animals and how we can group them. They had a go at sorting a range of animals into different groups. In RE, the children retold a Sikh story using their amazing acting skills. 

13th May

This week in geography, Class 9 sorted some human and physical features from around the UK and located them on a map. They also looked for places we visited on our residential on a big map of the residential. They recognised Derwent Water, Keswick and Borrowdale.

Year 4 Residential - Day 1

We had a lovely day yesterday on the first day of our residential. As we got closer to the Lake District and began to notice the hills, rivers and lakes everyone felt very excited. After leaving our bags in the Borrowdale youth hostel, we enjoyed a picnic outside. Then we met the Field Studies Rangers to begin our activities. We had great fun searching the woods and the river Derwent for different creatures. We were surrounded by hills that seemed really high to us but they were not even tall enough to be mountains. 

Look at our photos to see how much fun we are having. 


29th April

This week, Class 9 had started their new topic 'The Lake District' by exploring different aspects, including what the landscape is like and what activities you can do when you visit.

1st April

Class 9 used the outdoor classroom for their bamboo tamboo drumming lesson.

To end our learning on Ghana, Class 9 prepared, cooked and ate a traditional Ghanaian dish. They used onions, green beans, plantain, chicken, rice and a range of different spices.

18th March


This week Class 9 had a Bean to Bar workshop where they acted out how chocolate is made and became cocoa farmers. They also had a visit from D:side who taught the children about alcohol safety and some children even got to try on some drunk glasses. Today, the children chopped and ate a range of different fruits from Ghana. Well done to this week's award winners!

11th March

This week in science, Class 9 started learning about having a healthy diet and we sorted food onto a giant eat well plate. For International Women's Day, we drew pictures of a woman that we look up to or see as a role model. 

On Monday, the children had an African day. They painted African masks and learnt a traditional African dance.


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4th March

For world book day, Class 9 focused on the book 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'. The children received a chocolate bar and golden ticket as they arrived at school dressed as their favourite characters. They then took part in a range of different activities including a chocolate-themed maths lesson, a grammar game using the book, a Roald Dahl quiz and they even got to watch the movie!

18th February

This week, Class 9 had a visit from Sam the Sound Man. The children talked about what sound is, how sound waves work and different ways sound can be made. They also took part in a range of experiments where they tested how volume and pitch can be changed. 

Well done to this week's award winners, the children who had 100% attendance this half term and our class attendance winners.

Attendance Awards

11th February

Today, Class 9 came to school dressed to impress to support children's mental health week. They also took part in some well-being activities.

4th February

This week, Class 9 used a giant coordinates grid in maths to help them plot points and shapes. Well done to the award winners

21st January

Well done to this week's award winners! This week in science, Class 9 listened to different sounds and used a range of key vocabulary to describe them.

14th January

Well done to this week's award winners! This week Class 9 started to have a look at some Tinga Tinga art and discussed their ideas for their own piece of artwork. 

7th January


This week, Class 9 started their new topic 'Ghana' by investigating different aspects of the country and asking questions about areas they want to learn more about.

In maths, we looked at sorting 2D shapes depending on their properties.

Well done to this week's award winners.

17th December 

Class 9 had a great time at their winter party. They played games, made gingerbread houses and ate lots of delicious party food.

10th December 

Class 9 made their own ancient Greek theatre masks.

3rd December 

 This week Class 9 started to make their own ancient Greek masks. 
We also looked at lines of symmetry in maths.

26th November


On No Pens Wednesday, Class 9 made 3D shapes from nets.

Well done to this week's award winners.

19th November

Well done to this week's award winners!

For children in Need, Class 9 dressed up in their pyjamas, as superheroes, wore yellow and spots to raise money. They also took part in a colouring competition and a bake-off! 

The children had an Ancient Greek day where they explored ancient Greek artefacts, played ancient Greek games and created their own pottery designs.

12th November 

Class 9 discussed what Remembrance Day is and why it is so important. We talked about why we have a 2-minute silence and why we have been raising money. The children then made poppies in remembrance of all the people who have died in wars.

22nd October


Class 9 added detailed patterns to their ancient Greek pots using black pen and paint. 

19th October

When their clay pots were dry, Class 9 started to paint them orange.

15th October

Class 9 started to make their own ancient Greek pots using clay.

8th October

Matthew Bellwood visited Class 9. We had a full day learning more about ancient Greek theatre and even performed an ancient Greek play.

1st October


Class 9 visited Leeds City Museum where we looked at lots of artefacts and listened to some ancient Greek myths.

10th September


Class 9 had their TSU launch where they were introduced to their new topic Ancient Greece. They looked at different aspects of ancient Greek life, including location, theatre, education, democracy and pottery.