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London Trip - Day 2

London - Day 2


We thought the Lion King was brilliant last night. The theatre was massive and we couldn’t believe how good the animal costumes were. The giraffes were people but they had really long legs. We thought it was very dramatic when Scar killed Mufasa because it looked like he really fell into a herd of buffalo. Everyone loved the songs too.

Today we have really enjoyed exploring in the Science Museum. Miss Callaby’s group loved testing out the different experiments. Mrs Meston’s group enjoyed the different slides. Miss Warren learned how a pulley works by moving herself up and down on a chair. Mrs  Dunning took lots of photos to use back at school.

We have seen London from above now because we have all been on the London Eye. We loved looking down and spotting the different landmarks we have learned to recognise in this busy city. We can’t wait to tell you about everything we have been doing.